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Significant IT Updates That Could Affect Your Business

Microsoft has announced it will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. This means Microsoft will stop providing security updates and technical support for Windows 10. While this announcement may seem premature for you to act, note that Microsoft has limited Windows 11 compatibility with newer hardware. This is significant because many computers…

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Harvesting New Leads

Fall is in the air, and just as farmers are reaping the fruits of their labor, we are reminded of the parallel journey to harvest fresh, new leads using digital marketing. Like farming, online marketers meticulously plant, nurture, test, and patiently wait to reap their rewards (aka sales.) However, neither of these lines of work…

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We make IT easy – When Computers Complicate, We Simplify!

Your business technology is an essential resource; without proper management or protection against cyber threats, it can be detrimental. For over 25 years, CPS has guided clients to a deeper understanding of their technology, enabling them to utilize it optimally towards achieving their business objectives. We’re able to do this by taking the time to…

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Revitalize Your Online Presence – Our Top Tips Inside

Summer is winding down; it’s time to refocus and get your operations organized and ramped up for the upcoming busy season. If you want to expand your online presence or get out of a rut, contact the professionals who can help! Liven Up Your Online Presence Make sure your website is in good working order:…

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Check out some of our recently launched websites!

CPS has been busy creating new websites for businesses spanning Michigan to Alaska! We specialize in custom programming websites that are engaging and user-friendly, and primed for organically generating sales leads and excelling in paid search results. All featured sites are meticulously hand-coded using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and SQL programming languages. Visit our Website…

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June 2023 Newsletter

Since its 2004 arrival, Gmail has remained one of the most popular messaging systems. Recently, the computer giant has been experiencing some issues. Read on to learn the latest happenings: The security features of Gmail have always been a selling point until recently when hackers found a vulnerability in the new Gmail checkmark system. The…

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