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Customer Relationship Management Software

A CRM is a software management database program that captures and manages your data regarding sales leads, customer interactions, marketing, campaigns, employee performance, and everything else in between. Every encounter with a customer is compiled here for the purpose of improving client relations, thus increasing sales. Companies big and small benefit from a CRM system keeping them organized and enabling communication and coordination across departments so employees stay up to date on vital details all while maintaining your data in a secured, backed-up location.

Every business is unique with varying needs which is why we program custom software. Ease of use is key for its success – you and your staff need to know how to use it. That is why we give you the exact back end features you need. We also understand that everyone has a budget so rather than reinventing the hammer, we research and test workable solutions to our CRM builds saving you development time and money.

Why Custom CRM Software is Better?

  • Custom Functionalityget the exact back end features you need matched for your business
  • Securitydata backups on secured private or shared servers
  • Speed and Accuracyloads faster and handles high volume interface without crashing
  • Compliance Regulationscustom code written to meet varying compliance
  • Integrationcustom programming that weaves multiple platforms together
  • Proprietaryno contract or maintenance fees
  • Ease of Useno constant plugin upgrades
  • Choicechoose your hosting provider

Some Cool Features of a Custom CRM

  • Manage leads and sales
  • Autoassign sales leads and tasks
  • Merriment of email systems
  • Autogenerated emails and texts
  • Share calendars
  • Integrates with other systems; website, apps, 3rd party software
  • Important alerts and reminders
  • Scan, send, receive, and store documents
  • Engineered calculator
  • Customer portal integration
CRM Software Systems
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