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High Quality SEO Boosts Organic Placement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of using quality keywords and phrases that will maximize your organic digital presence. It's an evolving strategy that requires dedication and patience. You need clear and defined content within your website and within the code itself so search engines can easily find and identify your website during search inquiries. Your website's overall health with optimized code will also increase your rankings in search engines and retain viewer attention with easy to navigate, quick, and responsive web designs.

The ultimate goal for online businesses is to achieve organic representation on the first SERP (search engine results page) of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, and other major search engines. Since search engines continually change their algorithms used to rank websites, it has made this task a bit more challenging to achieve. That's where we come in! CPS has been helping companies, small and large, attain this goal by researching and monitoring any algorithm updates and proactively making the necessary adjustments so you can stay on top. Our dedicated team only uses proven SEO best practices, so you reach your intended targeted market with stabilized rankings throughout time.

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization

  • Marketing Analysis identify your targeted market and formulate a solid business strategy
  • Thorough SEO Audits using analytical data and our proven effective applications to find and pinpoint weaknesses and enhance strength
  • Trustworthy Domain & Website secured websites that have aged well gain authority in organic rankings
  • Unique & Engaging Content not just “fluff” but relevant text information that matters to your viewers and search engines
  • Responsive & Fast optimized code that loads faster and displays well on all devices and browsers
  • City Pages increase your SERP with a high quality and customized web page that is location-specific
  • Social Media create and maintain social media channels that can benefit you; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Reputation Management online public relations and social monitoring, how is your brand perceived online
  • Conversion Tracking & Optimization setup conversion rate tracking on websites to gauge leads and optimize results
  • Regular Reporting quarterly reviews on individual business campaigns and recommended adjustments
  • Boost Sales allow search engines to find you easily by adapting to the latest algorithm trends

Website Consulting & SEO Audit

  • SEO Consultation – learning your business practices and goals
  • SEO Audit - thoroughly reviewing your website and other digital presence
  • Research – evaluating your search rankings and organic keyword placement
  • Competition Analysis - comparing related industries to find unique keywords
  • Website Dynamics - security, usability, errors, responsiveness, and speed performance
  • Review our analytical data
  • Come up with a plan of action that fits your budget
  • XTML sitemap creation, optimization, and submission to search engines
  • Create quality domain names and defaulted URL's, 301 redirects, and custom 404 page
  • Instill distinctive keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, and alternate text for all images
  • Optimize images - cPanel compression to enhance page loading
  • Revise content - proper grammar, spelling, and keyword density
  • Correct W3C errors – validate HTML code to ensure the site is in accordance to web standards
  • Adjust links - fix or remove broken links
  • Canonicalization – help search engines find and select the best URL for viewers for similar content/pages
  • Optimize Robots.Txt – to allow or disallow crawling of your website pages
  • Add backlinks – for appropriate on-site or off-site, and/or guest blogging
  • Add prominent calls of action - throughout the site to engage users to buy on the spot
  • Monthly monitoring and adjustments made as needed
  • Benchmark and compare industry competitors in search rankings
  • Monitor what works and expand on that - tweak or completely change what doesn't
  • A/B testing - comparative testing in controlled sessions to identify maximum value
  • Select various digital marketing options provided by CPS to mix up your marketing campaign
  • Patience is key, organic campaigns can take a few months to notice results – but they will come
  • Continue to keep yourself active online by maintaining your various channels
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