Business App Development

Streamline Operations And Generate Revenue

Mobile phone applications are becoming an integral part of everyday business. All industries can benefit from them, and the opportunities are endless. As technology evolves, people are identifying new ways to better manage their workload and run more accurately and efficiently. Business apps usually work with a web-based, backend office software program, so think of it as a total business computer package to help streamline your operations.

There are various options when developing a phone app and our team first considers the purpose and intent of the app to determine the best course of action. Over the years, our developers have learned that a combination of native and hybrid apps is best. We specialize in combining the device's native language, Java for Androids and Objective-C for iPhones, and optimizing and customizing its tools with additional code, giving you the exact features you want and need. Our approach makes applications faster, more responsive, reliable, and capable of running without internet access. Together, we’ll strategize the best solution for an app that gives you cross-platform capability and custom functionality to help your business run more smoothly and grow.

How A Business App Can Help You

  • Custom Functionality get the exact front and back end features you need, tailored to your business
  • Speed & Accuracyfast loading saves you time and increases productivity while reducing human error
  • Ease of Use engaging and easy to use while being able to review and sync your data either online or offline
  • Real Time Syncingreview and manage your current inventory, up to the minute
  • Informationgather and email data, pictures, scanned documents, etc.
  • Integrationsync data directly within your database across platforms and 3rd parties
  • Securityhost your data on a secured, private, or shared server with back-ups
  • Native Appsoptimizing native code written for Android and Apple
  • Trackingexpenses/revenue, timesheets, performance, location of employee/vehicles, etc.
  • Accessibility & Compliance inclusive designs and programming that meet the needs of diverse populations

Business Apps That Work For You

Our development process is built using flexible architecture so new features and third-party integrations can evolve and enhance the final platform. Cost is determined by the purpose of the app and its overall functionality. Also, define what platform and hardware device the app needs to support; will it be developed for Android users only, or does it need to support iOS as well? Will your app need to integrate with third parties? Do you require complex visual graphics, tables, or rendering? Will it use features of the smartphone, such as GPS or the camera? Lastly, how involved do you foresee technical support being required; to assist with training, troubleshoot issues, and introduce new features? CPS will develop the functionality you deem necessary for your business app with steadfast security and enhanced performance levels

Image of social media icons over a smartphone to represent how Creative Programs and Systems business app development.

Our Development Process

Whether big or small, all new projects require the same approach to planning. CPS partners with you throughout the process, giving you competent advice and support, ensuring the user's experience is clear, engaging, and easy to use.


We immerse ourselves to learn and understand your business so we can best implement your project needs.


We take all the information you’ve shared and together we strategize the best plan of action.


We create sketched designs or wireframes depending on the scope of the project.


We develop your custom product based off the design; keeping you informed on the status, adjusting accordingly, and testing rigorously prior to launch.


We ensure your staff are trained on the product; make final tweaks, test again, and with final approval, we’re ready to launch.


We continue our partnership with you by maintaining, refining, and optimizing your software program as needed.

Advance Your Business With A Custom Business App

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