Computer Virus Removal

Malware Removal & Anti-Virus Installation

The number of computer viruses introduced daily is on the rise. To better protect yourself and reduce the chance of infection, avoid opening suspicious e-mails, clicking on unfamiliar internet links, visiting unsecured websites, and ensure to keep your anti-virus protection up to date. When you click on untrustworthy links, your computer and its network become susceptible to infections when a virus is present. Once your PC has become infected, the virus can quickly spread to your contacts and other computers within your network. If you suspect that your PC or local network has become corrupted, the CPS professional technicians can help.

CPS provides virus removal and tune-up services for all types of computer infections with meticulous care, striving to protect your valuable data. Most computer viruses are caught before they infect the files within your PC. However, if a virus has corrupted your data, we work to recover what remains and back it up to our in-house equipment. Once this is done, we reload your computer's operating system, which will return the computer to its original state, and upload the data we could recover. Our technicians will then install the latest anti-virus program to keep you better protected.

Prevent & Protect

The largest security threat in the digital world is infection from malware. Common types of malware include viruses, adware, worms, Trojan, ransomware, and spyware. Computer hackers use these tools to affect your PC's performance, gain unauthorized system access, obtain private information, and destroy data files. New threats are introduced daily. To keep yourself protected, we recommend installing or updating your anti-virus software, setting up ongoing data backups, and being diligent online.

Image of a skeleton head overlayed with blue coding on a computer screen to represent malware and other computer viruses, which Creative Programs and Systems can remove and restore.

Virus Warning Signs

It isn't easy to pinpoint when your computer has become infected with malware. When an infection has occurred, it can often take days or even weeks for you to become aware that something is off with your machine. One of the first indicators is a slow running PC. Still, not an obvious sign, but when combined with other activities such as unexpected pop-ups, decreased storage, missing files, error messages, hijacked e-mail, or browser issues, it becomes evident that your computer is infected. Once the malware has been detected, your best defense is to shut down your machine and bring it into CPS for a thorough cleaning, tune-up, and updated anti-virus software.

Image of a computer virus code to represent that Creative Programs and Systems installs anti-virus safeguards and removes computer infections.

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