Computer Virus Removal

Spyware Virus Malware Removal

The computer repair technicians at CPS provide complete virus, spyware, and malware infestation removal services on all computer systems. If you have an infestation, CPS has the solution.

Unlike other companies that remove viruses from computers, we strive to protect your systems data. Our professional techs can even reload your operating system without losing any of the data on the computer. All too many times we see computers come in from other computer repair companies and their hard drives have been wiped clean to remove the virus. The CPS team finds this to be an unacceptable practice. Instead we remove computer viruses, malware and spyware with painstaking care. With over 50 years of combined experience in our repair shop, we do it right. Any infestation, any computer; we clean it and we clean it right.

You can protect your computer and its data by avoiding suspicious emails, strange links on the internet, or unsecured websites. When users click on these links the computer and networks it is linked to become susceptible to the virus. Once your PC has been infected it can easily spread the virus to your contacts. Our computer technicians can perform a complete computer virus removal and computer tune up on your machine if you do find it has become infected. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY.

Removing Viruses

Viruses on computers come in every shape, size, and form. We see viruses coming from a range of sources pretending to be the FBI, NAS, and even United States Government. Viruses on your PC are meant to instill fear and trigger an immediate reaction such as clicking on a “fatal” link. Common viruses that have been seen in our office include but are not limited to: Crypto-Locker, Crypto-Virus, Ransomware, Trojan, Win32worm, Adware-MyWebSearch, Rogue, Internet Security Pro 2013, and Security Shield to name only a few.

Malware Removal
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