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Website Analytics and Reporting

Examining your analytical web data is the process of understanding how visitors behave when searching and viewing your website and the impact your online advertisements has on it. It provides measurable information of the activities happening behind the scenes of your website and tells us about your audience as well; such as, where your viewers are located, the device they visited your site from, how long they spent on your site, and more. We can track how visitors found your website and the keywords they used to get there. By constantly monitoring your website’s traffic and paid search ads, the experts at CPS are enabled to make calculated decisions to manage and improve your rankings, user site sessions, and your ROI (return on investment).

Our Google and Microsoft Advertising (formally Bing Ads) certified team is trained and experienced to give your website the boost in rankings it needs to attract more visitors and earn more conversions. We utilize a variety of applications to scrutinize your data, compiling it down into an easy to understand yet detailed monthly report indicating what’s working and what needs improvement. CPS develops unique digital marketing plans specific to our client’s business goals and their marketing needs which details the actions that will be taken to improve their websites performance and growing your online presence. With our transparent list of tasks and goals, we promise to make the most of your advertising budget.

Tracking, Analyzing & Website Consultation

  • Digital Marketing Consultation review of your business, marketing plan, and goals for growth compared to your industry
  • Website Experience & Usability Audits optimize websites, decrease page load times, update plugins, find and remove poor or duplicate code
  • Analyze Bounce Rates percentage of visitors that navigate away from your site after viewing only a single page and no clicks
  • Review Click Paths the chronological sequence of page views within a visit or session
  • Market Analysis reviewing visitor behavior and conversion rates so new markets are recognized
  • Keyword Identification identifying unique keyword phrases that get you found within users search queries
  • Content Evaluation reviewing webpages to learn which pages receive the most conversions and traffic
  • Measure Engagement session times, returning visitors, pageviews, and performance marketing
  • Page Tagging coded JavaScript embedded within the webpage to track user journey
  • Tracking Paid Search Ads measure the success of your advertising campaigns performance
  • Reputation Management gain insight to improve your reviews, compare your performance over time

Analysis Done Right

Keeping track of your website analytics and optimizing it for improved results can be overwhelming and sometimes a full-time job. The team at CPS gathers data using a variety of tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and our own custom developed software to gauge and assess your digital presence online. Then we compile this information into an easy to use format so you understand the logistics involved in tracking the traffic of your website and understand the results. We’ll work with you in reviewing the data, taking note of the good and duplicating what we can, and revising any weaknesses and strategize a better solution for growth. The professionals at CPS are those who you can trust to constantly look for ways to make improvements and enhance your bottom line.

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