Networking Servers

The Central System

Creative Programs and Systems specializes in custom network server builds and installation; our networking expertise ensures that your networks are installed with security in mind. With identity theft on the rise, you can’t be too careful protecting yourself online. Our trained experts have years of experience and the knowledge to assemble a secure network.

We build custom servers with our clients needs in mind. The needs of each client are unique and therefore the servers we build are unique to their needs. A network server is used as a central source of data and programs that are shared by all the users within the network.

Many times, businesses will purchase a server that is too powerful and more expensive than required. We make sure this doesn’t happen; CPS will find the perfect fit for your needs and implement a solution that will cover your server requirements for years to come and within your budget. Our networking and server installation services are available throughout Michigan and the surrounding areas.

What is a Computer Network?

Basically, a bunch of computers or servers hooked up to allow you to share data with each other. Just like sharing something on facebook so others can see it, use it, or even re-share it. Having an optimized network will save you time and money. We offer PC and server network setups with security in mind.

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