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Custom-Built Computers & Workstations

Are you in the market for more power, dependability, and speed for your desktop or professional workstation? In the office, time is money, and having a properly configured system with the endurance to run your task is a must. What you want to get out of your computer and network determines what you'll need for hardware, which is the source of your computer's performance. Over-the-counter computers generally leave users with unmet needs. CPS can provide you with a full turn-key solution designed and built specifically to meet those needs. We have over 20 years' experience building customized computers and workstations, using only high-quality and proven PC components, meticulously assembled to outperform any off the shelve version.

All customized PCs and computer workstations are assembled in-house by our highly-skilled technicians with strict attention to detail. Every system runs through our extensive 32-point quality checklist and 48-hour burn-in cycle to ensure accurate and long-lasting performance. And, to help ease any remaining doubt, all custom-built computers and components are covered with a full 2-year warranty, including parts and labor.

Why Custom Built PC's & Workstations Are Better

  • No Compromises
  • Total Customization
  • Expandable Upgrades
  • No Bloatware
  • Faster Rendering
  • Real-Time Visualization
  • Quality Parts & Components
  • Supports Advanced Software
  • Highly-Dense Computing
  • Overall More Efficient & Faster

High-Performance Computing

A computer with 64 cores for running games is a waste; most games can only use one or two. However, AutoCAD can use as many as you can throw at it. A six-core 2 GHz processor will render AutoCAD a lot faster than a two-core 6 GHz processor. Trust the professionals at CPS who have the experience and knowledge to build and maximize your hardware's configuration, as unique as your needs may be, while keeping on track with your budget.

Image of a computer built by the Creative Programs and Systems techs.

Our Approach to Information Technology


We immerse ourselves to learn and understand your business so we can best implement your project needs and goals.


We take all the information you’ve shared and together we strategize the best plan of action.


We build and integrate your custom product using proven and reliable technology; keeping you informed of progress along the way.


We continue our partnership with you by maintaining, monitoring, and refining your technology needs as required.

Colorful infographic regarding Creative Programs and Systems' approach to efficiently manage information technology services.
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