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Computer & Server Builds

CPS has more than 20 years of experience developing custom built computers and workstations with high-quality PC components. By using the very best components, assembled in house by highly-skilled technicians, we can deliver a meticulously crafted gaming/ graphics PC, guaranteed by a comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers all parts and labor.

Each custom computer is designed and ordered specially to a person’s specific needs to provide the most unique experience. Choose every component of the PC beginning with the case, graphics card, RAM and hard drive. CPS can assist with your own personal budget and we will maintain the quality and value with each custom computer built.

Building a PC can be done by anyone who is familiar with computers, however the true professional difference that you will receive with our services offered by CPS will unlock your maximum hardware potential to its fullest capability with factors such as: layout of components, wiring, airflow, and proper power efficiency.

Custom Computers and Servers

CPS is based out of Brighton, MI and provides IT consulting services, including: system and security audits, custom built servers and PC’s, network monitoring, data back-ups, and disaster recovery throughout Livingston County and the entire surrounding area.

Custom Built Computers
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