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Installing U-verse, DSL, Cable, T1, Fiber, Wireless, or any other method of connection to the internet requires a professional who understands network security. With computer viruses, spyware, and identity theft on the rise, you cannot be too careful protecting yourself when you are online. The trained experts at CPS, Creative Programs and Systems, have years of experience and the knowhow to assemble a secure network for your home or business while aiding in the installation of your DSL, cable, T1, fiber, or wireless connections.

Network Connections

  • U-verse Now called AT&T, is high speed internet service that is available in select locations and often is a combination of services, internet, TV, VoIP based phones, bundled into one.
  • DSL Known as digital subscriber line, is another high-speed connection for internet that uses the same cabling as a regular telephone line.
  • T1 lines Plug directly into your network’s router, has 24 channels, and can carry data at 1.5 Mbps. A T1 line works over copper or fiber optic cables and are reserved circuits that can be dedicated to lease.
  • Wireless Networks vs. Wired Network Cabling: A wired network connection joins devices to the Internet or network using cables. A wireless local-area network, LAN, connection joins devices through radio waves using Wi-Fi hotspots.

Internet Connections

Chose your internet connection wisely! If you are looking for the fastest internet speeds, Hardwired (cat5e-cat6 cabling) is your answer. However, with the rise of smart phones and mobile devices you are limited to wireless (WiFi). Fear not, 802.11ac is here! That is the newest wireless internet standard. However, we recommend going for a wired connection when possible.

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