E-mail Marketing

Keeps You “Top of Mind” With Clients

Targeted e-mail marketing is an effective way to communicate valuable information efficiently with your existing and prospective clients. With over 90 percent of users checking their e-mail daily, it’s a cost-effective method to stay in touch with your clientele for promotions, special announcements, and following up to say “thank you,” or request testimonial reviews. E-mail marketing helps drive prospective customers to purchase; it also leads to a better return on your investment over traditional media channels.

CPS works with you to implement an e-mail marketing strategy that integrates your overall goals and digital marketing plan. Our design team crafts creative e-mail templates customized for your business for every purpose. We can write the content for your e-mails and make the necessary updates of your customer database, targeting only engaged subscribers and removing bounce backs. As part of a digital marketing strategy, CPS can help you find ways to build your e-mail subscription list using social media or search engine ads that essentially promote your website, allowing people to opt-in your e-mail list. We can also set up automatic, timed e-mails with personalized messages unique to each recipient, all while avoiding spam filters and remaining compliant with the Can-Spam act.

Benefits of E-mail Marketing

  • Save Time & Money reduce time and overall costs spent on print advertising or other offline channels
  • Targeted Audiences quickly and effectively segment your contact list, demographics, or location with special announcements and important information
  • Unique Emails & Design personalized messages automatically sent to each recipient with responsive and creative design email templates
  • Automatic & Real-Time Emails programmed to send emails regularly on specific days or dates such as birthdays, etc.
  • Build Your Brand continuous exposure that's strategically planned and designed to keep you “top of mind” with your audience
  • Easy Forwarding subscribers can easily share your deals, offers, and news with others to expand your brand further
  • Highest ROI's return on investment for email marketing is about $44 to every dollar spent outperforming social media ads
  • Measured Results track what works and what doesn’t by monitoring open rates, CTR (click-through-rate), and email sale conversions
  • Reputation Management follow up with clients to ensure customer satisfaction and gain positive reviews
  • Avoid Spam land in your audiences inbox with proper campaign metadata, removing bounced emails, and optimized content that's mobile responsive
  • Text Marketing similar to email but with higher conversions, reach your audience within seconds for even quicker results

Best Practices for E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing requires a well thought out strategy. It's easy to sign up with a marketing software platform, choose a template, paste in your content, and hit send. Most people don't recognize that, like most things, there is a method of best practices to abide by so that your time spent doesn't go to waste, or worse yet, get blacklisted. That's where CPS comes in! We'll work with you in developing a well-thought-out plan that balances your HTML e-mail delivery so that your market doesn't become oversaturated with endless "junk" e-mails. We can create unique and informative content, including images and graphics, that is optimized and resonates. Our team will strategize your campaign metadata, so your audience easily recognizes you and is inspired to open your e-mail. We can maintain your e-mail list, limiting it to engaged subscribers and removing bounce back e-mails. We'll also use legitimate and natural methods to build your e-mail list, preventing your business from spam filters and blacklisting. Together, we can measure your campaign's effectiveness and track your ROI by reviewing your performance metrics provided by the e-mail marketing platform, which is also included in your monthly CPS digital marketing report.

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