IT Services

Quality Computer Support

For over 20 years, CPS has provided residential and commercial IT support, offering proven solutions for hardware, software, data recovery, monitoring your systems, and securing your networks. Both locally and nationally, companies of all sizes have entrusted us with their sensitive data and daily business operations. Our dedicated technicians are professionals who know how businesses work and understand the importance of your data. We set up your technology correctly the first time, allowing your business to perform at its peak efficiency.

Managed IT Services

Take yourself out of the hassle in overseeing your IT needs. CPS will assume the responsibility for system monitoring, maintenance, employee trouble resolution, and vendor coordination, allowing you to focus on your business.

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Close-up image of a computer to signify that Creative Programs and Systems provides managed IT services.

Computer Consulting

Every client's unique IT needs are assessed, and an in-depth plan is devised and implemented that fits their desire to grow. We take into account your current needs and budget and find the right solution for you. Let us focus on your IT needs and allow you to concentrate on your business.

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Image of a man pointing finger to IT Consulting sign to indicate that Creative Programs and Systems offers computer consulting services.

Computer Repair

We take the time necessary to review and troubleshoot your computer or laptop issues and repair the components required to get you working again. Don't waste time with a sluggish computer; get it checked out today!

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Image of computer parts to suggest that Creative Programs and Systems provides computer repair services.

Data Recovery

Run your company in peak performance with optimum protection of your sensitive data. Our IT consultants are happy to meet with you to provide an individualized disaster recovery plan. Should you require its use, you'll be on guard and prepared to retrieve your information when you depend on it. If you are already facing a lost data disaster, CPS may help find and restore it.

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Image of a hard drive resting on a server to reference how Creative Programs and Systems provides data recovery services.

Virus & Malware Removal

Has your computer become infected by a virus, or is it mysteriously performing unusual? Let the professionals at CPS scan your system for malicious software that's possibly infiltrated your computer. We safely clean and remove all types of viruses and infestations including, malware and spyware. We know your data is the most valuable asset on your computer, so we take extreme measures to ensure that it is safe.

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Image of computer code on screen with a skull represents how CPS removes computer viruses and malware.

Network Wiring

Cat 5e, Cat 6, plenum, speaker lines, and all low-voltage wiring for your business require an expert who understands how companies operate, where to place jacks, how many lines to run, and how to find network issues before they become one.

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Image of network cabling to display that CPS offers computer network wiring and more.


We connect your workstations to the company servers and protect you from online threats. With the increase in cyber hacking, it is crucial to make sure your company server is configured and secured correctly.

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Close-up image of a server to represent that Creative Programs and Systems builds and maintains servers.

Computer Building

It takes extensive knowledge and skill to know what generation of processor produces the best possible speed based on the environment. At CPS, we build clean, bloatware-free, high-end computers for those that demand only the best.

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Image of the interior of a computer case to showcase how Creative Programs and Systems builds customized computers.

Network Infrastructure

Installing U-verse, DSL, cable, T1, fiber, wireless, or any other method to connect to the internet requires a professional who understands security.

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Image of a person plugging in a cable representing that CPS offers network infrastructure builds.

SureStore Data Backup

Is your business prepared to handle natural or human-made IT disasters? As unpredictable as these events may be, unfortunately, they are becoming more of a norm. Be proactive and protect your sensitive data by backing it up regularly and storing it in a secure, off-site location. CPS offers an extensive array of backup solutions to keep you protected, including our own SureStore server.

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Image of a blue lock over networking design to signify that Creative Programs and Systems specializes in data backup services, using our program called SureStore.