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Redefining Efficiency: The Benefits of a Custom Database System

Businesses and organizations often find themselves relying heavily on spreadsheets for their data management needs. Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel have served as staples in data storage, analysis, and reporting. But is it time to break free from these traditional methods and move towards programming a custom database system? The answer might be a resounding…

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We make IT easy – When Computers Complicate, We Simplify!

Your business technology is an essential resource; without proper management or protection against cyber threats, it can be detrimental. For over 25 years, CPS has guided clients to a deeper understanding of their technology, enabling them to utilize it optimally towards achieving their business objectives. We’re able to do this by taking the time to…

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Revitalize Your Online Presence – Our Top Tips Inside

Summer is winding down; it’s time to refocus and get your operations organized and ramped up for the upcoming busy season. If you want to expand your online presence or get out of a rut, contact the professionals who can help! Liven Up Your Online Presence Make sure your website is in good working order:…

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Enhance Your Business with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential to boost your brand and increase leads and sales. Online marketing consists of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, social media posting, email marketing, and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Embedded in all this includes optimized code with rich keywords and content for search engines to find the data they’re looking for, along with…

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Check out some of our recently launched websites!

CPS has been busy creating new websites for businesses spanning Michigan to Alaska! We specialize in custom programming websites that are engaging and user-friendly, and primed for organically generating sales leads and excelling in paid search results. All featured sites are meticulously hand-coded using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and SQL programming languages. Visit our Website…

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IT Health Directly Linked to Long-Term Business Success

Technological challenges can be hefty in terms of cost and business impact. Information Technology (IT) concerns can affect security, continuity, and overall productivity despite the overall company size. Businesses must consider IT an essential aspect of their overall health. Especially in today’s age, where the United States government is warning businesses to prepare themselves against…

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