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Check out some of our recently launched websites!

CPS has been busy creating new websites for businesses spanning Michigan to Alaska! We specialize in custom programming websites that are engaging and user-friendly, and primed for organically generating sales leads and excelling in paid search results. All featured sites are meticulously hand-coded using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, and SQL programming languages. Visit our Website…

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IT Health Directly Linked to Long-Term Business Success

Technological challenges can be hefty in terms of cost and business impact. Information Technology (IT) concerns can affect security, continuity, and overall productivity despite the overall company size. Businesses must consider IT an essential aspect of their overall health. Especially in today’s age, where the United States government is warning businesses to prepare themselves against…

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Five Strategies for Boosting Product Awareness

Connecting with customers is key whether you own or operate an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar storefront. Getting your name out and announcing a new product can be challenging without a proper following. While gaining traction may be tricky, it isn’t impossible. Read on to learn some essential strategies for boosting your business and building product awareness. …

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June 2023 Newsletter

Since its 2004 arrival, Gmail has remained one of the most popular messaging systems. Recently, the computer giant has been experiencing some issues. Read on to learn the latest happenings: The security features of Gmail have always been a selling point until recently when hackers found a vulnerability in the new Gmail checkmark system. The…

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Google Introduces Experimental AI-Powered Bard 

Google recently opened access to Bard, an experimental generative AI to bring experiences to individuals, companies, and neighborhoods. Google touts Bard as a way to improve productivity, satisfy curiosity, and bring ideas to the forefront. Bard can help people reach goals, explain quantum physics, or summarize articles.  Research Large Language Models (LLMs) can learn from…

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Computer Network Have You Frustrated?

We make it easy with basic Break and Fix support to Fully Managed IT services. At CPS, we understand that not everyone is tech savvy, nor do people have the time to research and stay abreast of the latest computer happenings. Our techs are ready to provide a helping hand with computer consulting, repair, data…

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