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CPS May 2022 Newsletter

Safeguard Your Data from Cyber Threats Searching the news on any platform will show you case after case of individuals, groups, businesses, and municipalities falling victim to online hacker attacks. Don’t be a headline; protect yourself and your assets. Be vigilant and act proactively rather than reactively in the fight against cyber threats. At CPS,…

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Russian Hackers Bypass Two-Factor Authentication

Russian-backed hackers pose a huge cyberthreat to America on a daily basis. Now, that threat is especially elevated due to Putin’s unyielding attack, crossing western red lines by invading Ukraine. “Cyber is a capability that Russian security forces have used in the past and as the decision calculus changes, that may change what’s in play,”…

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Strong against the elements

April 2022 Newsletter- Launch of Wolf Survival Website

Creative Programs and Systems is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Wolf Survival Gear! This e-commerce website is powered by Shopify, a proprietary platform for online stores. The owner of Wolf Survival Gear needed a turnkey, ready-to-go system that could handle a significant yet relatively quick import of all their various…

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Servers Become More Climate Friendly

Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen recently developed a novel algorithm that can substantially reduce the carbon footprint of computer servers. The green transition for computer servers is an urgent matter, as they are more taxing on the climate than global air traffic. The massive amount of electricity consumed by computer servers is expected…

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QR Codes and Virus Removal & Protection

Protect Yourself Using QR Codes QR codes are all the hype now. Invented in 1994 and popularized by the pandemic, QR codes have been popping up everywhere, including Super Bowl ads. The two-dimensional code advertised during the Super Bowl was Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange. It generated so much traffic that it crashed Coinbase’s app, proving…

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Malicious Authenticator App Stealing Bank Information

An Android app posing to provide two-factor authentication in the Google Play store has turned out to be malicious. With over 10,000 phones affected, the app was available for 15 days. The malicious app, called 2FA Authenticator, is no longer available on the Google Play Store. The app description read, “A secure authenticator for your…

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