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Redefining Efficiency: The Benefits of a Custom Database System

Businesses and organizations often find themselves relying heavily on spreadsheets for their data management needs. Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel have served as staples in data storage, analysis, and reporting. But is it time to break free from these traditional methods and move towards programming a custom database system? The answer might be a resounding…

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Interactive Tools on Websites Influenced by Gender

Interactive Tools on Websites Influenced by Gender, Personality

A recent study published by Penn State examined how much personality comes into play when interacting online. Factors such as being extroverted, introverted, gender, and more, help determine your online browsing behavior.   According to the study, for extroverted women, Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) tools helped drive certain websites to be more interactive. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), on the…

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The Difference of a Custom-Made Website

When owning a business, one of your top priorities is to find the best way for your customers to find your company and promote the desired appearance to provide a unique first impression to potential new customers and will create interest for them to reach out to begin working with. The way technology is today it…

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Which Platform is Better? PHP or Java?

The web development industry is constantly changing and it is important for web programmers to understand and learn the multitude of different programming tools and languages to continue to create unique and custom websites that are both mobile friendly and responsive to users. Two of the larger coding languages that are well known are PHP…

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