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The technical world is advancing at an increasing rate. Mobile phone apps are no longer just for social interactions and games. People and businesses are recognizing that there are new methods in making their work load easier, more accurate and efficient by using mobile apps. Mobile phone apps need to be clear, engaging and easy to use for the users its’ intended for.

Android applications usually always run with a web-based, backend office software program. Think of it as a total business computer package. You have your client and/or employees using your mobile application entering data which then gets synced in with your website admin panel either online or off or, if you are a more complex company, a management software system allowing you to oversee your data across multiple platforms.

Gain feedback and save resources by developing a minimum viable product. CPS offers an affordable way to test your app for the targeted market in order to minimize costs and risks. With a fixed-budget and a controlled scope, our Android App development process is built using flexible architecture so new features and third-party integrations can evolve and enhance the final platform.

How Your Android App Idea Can Help You

  • Custom Functionality get the exact front and back end features you need matched for your business
  • Speed & Accuracyfast loading saves you time and increases productivity while reducing human error
  • Ease of Use engaging and easy to use while being able to review and sync your data either online or offline
  • Real Time Syncingreview and manage your current inventory, up to the minute
  • Informationgather and email data, pictures, scanned documents, etc.
  • Integrationsync data directly within your database across platforms and 3rd parties
  • Securityhost your data on a secured private or shared servers with back-ups
  • Native Appsoptimizing native code written for Android and Apple
  • Trackingexpenses/revenue, timesheets, performance, location of employee/vehicles, etc.
  • Accessibility & Compliance inclusive designs and programming that meet the needs of diverse populations

Apps That Work For You

Considering the purpose of your app, there are different options to develop it. Over the years, our team of programmers have learned that a combination of native and hybrid apps works best. CPS specializes in combining the devices native language, Java for Androids, and optimizing its tools such as the camera or GPS and customizing it with additional code giving you the exact features you need and want. This strategy of Android development makes apps faster, more responsive, reliable, and able to run without internet access.

If your app is intended for a specific mobile device and for employee use only, then it can be built using a single code base, saving you development time and money. If the general public will be using the app then it needs to assimilate and port within both platforms, Google Play Marketplace and the Apple Store. That’s why we build mobile applications for iPhones as well. CPS strategizes with you for the best course of action, giving you cross-platform capability and custom functionality.

Android App Development

Our Development Process

Whether big or small, all new projects require the same approach in planning. CPS partners with you throughout the process giving you competent advice and support; ensuring the user's experience is clear, engaging, and easy to use.


We immerse ourselves to learn and understand your business so we can best implement your project needs.


We take all the information you’ve shared and together we strategize the best plan of action.


We create sketched designs or wireframes depending on the scope of the project.


We develop your custom product based off the design; keeping you informed on the status, adjusting accordingly, and testing rigorously prior to launch.


We ensure your staff are trained on the product; make final tweaks, test again, and with final approval, we’re ready to launch.


We continue our partnership with you by maintaining, refining, and optimizing your software program as needed.

Advance Your Business With A Custom Android App
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