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Copywriting for Websites & Digital Marketing

Writing content for websites or use in digital marketing is unlike print marketing. Internet audiences want information that loads quickly and is easily obtained. Website content has only a few seconds, on average, to make an impression on visitors before they leave a site. This is an on-going challenge associated with writing content for websites and digital marketing materials. The information displayed must engage your targeted audience and convey a clear, straightforward message to make an impact.

Most online users scan text instead of reading it line by line. Our experienced copywriters are proficient in creating optimized content with this in mind. We are familiar with various techniques to structure and format content for webpages, blog posts, articles, social media content, and digital advertising. CPS focuses on creating optimized material that is appealing, easy to comprehend, and relevant. Our strategy allows search engines to quickly assess and index your website to boost your search engine placement in organic and paid advertising.

Content Writing Services

  • Website Content direct, concise, engaging information that conveys your message
  • Blog Creation keep yourself active online with relevant and updated articles
  • Social Media Posts broaden your online presence to define your brand and message
  • Article Writing high quality, uniquely written articles that boost your rankings
  • Copywriting increase your brand’s awareness with engaging online marketing
  • Tutorials easy-to-understand written instructions with images
  • Infographics at a glance information prepared for your market
  • Images at-a-glance information designed for your market
  • Resources & White Papers let your readers make conscious decisions with data driven information
  • Online Case Studies showcase your latest and greatest works that’ll impress your market
  • Video & Audio Copywriting engage and entertain your market across all medias
  • Online & PDF Documents custom enrollment forms, applications, PDFs, and more
  • Reputation Marketing follow up with customers to gain positive reviews and reply to posted comments, keeping in mind the reputation you want to maintain

More Than Just Words

Content writing is text information along with images, infographics, videos, files, and documents. Great content educates your viewers and helps you get found organically or through paid advertisements. Based on your project's size and scope, CPS averages the amount of content to be written or designed. After researching your industry and market, our team of professionals strategizes the best composition, including determining reading levels. Let CPS help your business in reaching your intended market in a unique but efficient manner.

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