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Why Your Web Development Project Needs an SEO Agency


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an afterthought when creating or redesigning a new website. Look at it this way: Having a solid foundation is key to building a house, and having a solid SEO friendly website design is a similar analogy… so, why is SEO often a lower priority? It may be that there’s so much going on in the website development process that SEO becomes, “We’ll get to it later.” Or, it may be that your web development agency just doesn’t specialize in SEO, even if they say they do. With the constant evolvement of the search and digital landscape, you need an agency that’s knee deep in SEO best practices to ensure your website launch is successful.

Is Your New Website SEO Friendly?

One of the first deliverables we recommend to new clients is an Onsite SEO Audit. We start with an audit because even the most beautiful website or well-optimized content isn’t going to be found by Google if your overall website isn’t SEO friendly. If SEO is considered during the initial website development phase, you can avoid SEO issues down the road. According to Moz, these are common but easily avoidable, SEO mistakes you can find when web development agencies own the website:

Add SEO Into Every Phase of Your New or Redesigned Website

Where should SEO weave into your website development project? In every phase. SEO helps support the structure of your website and ensure Google can find your new site. During each phase below, we’ve outlined the SEO deliverables we’d recommend incorporating.

Website discovery and design phases:

Website content phase:

Website development phase:

Post-launch phase:

Hooray, all the months of work have paid off, and your new SEO-friendly website has launched! There are several items you’ll want to review post-launch. These include:

Are you in over your head?

If you’re in the midst of your website development project, don’t worry! You can hire an agency, such as ours, that specializes in SEO to do an audit of your website before it goes live to ensure any issues are caught before the big launch day. There are many important inputs that go into your new website design; make sure SEO is one of them.

Original Source:

Original Date: Oct 17 2017

Written By: Jenn Tanabe

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