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October Newsletter- My Virtual Academy


This month is dedicated to Website Development. CPS can help you stay updated and have an eye-catching mobile website that is custom designed and programmed to fit your individual needs; no templates used.



Creative Programs & Systems

October, 2018


CPS proudly announces the launch of My Virtual Academy’s new website!

My Virtual Academy (MVA) is a tuition-free online school for Michigan residents providing a flexible method of learning for grades 5-12. Graduates earn their high school diploma from one of MVA’s partnering schools. Full-time students are provided with equipment, internet (if needed), and academic software at no cost. All students are provided with a district mentor, teacher, and support staff to communicate with weekly. Students are able to complete their schoolwork on their own time – flexibility is key.

MVA’s main goal is student success! If your student struggles with on-site educational learning, consider looking into My Virtual Academy and see what options they have for you. You can contact an enrollment advisor at 800-297-2119 anytime during the year and they will be happy to assist you with any questions.



CPS designs and builds responsive, and custom sites – all in house!

MVA has been working with CPS for several years now. The ever-changing times of computer advancements and new ADA requirements encouraged MVA to consult with CPS for a new website that was mobile responsive (including all enrollment forms), meet ADA guidelines, and incorporate their database into a third-party software system that manages students.  Following strict guidelines, CPS designed a single website that functions on all platforms and allows our youth access to improve their lives.  It has been a pleasure partnering with MVA. If your business needs a new or updated website, schedule a consultation with CPS to see what we can do for you!

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