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More than 600,000 Macs infected with Flashback botnet


A new virus is infecting Mac's at an alarming rate. It's called the Mac Botnet.

Russian antivirus company says half the computers infected with malware designed to steal personal information are in the U.S. - with 274 located in Cupertino, CA. The malware was initially found in September 2011 masquerading as a fake Adobe Flash Player plug-in installer, but in the past few months it has evolved to exploiting Java vulnerabilities to target Mac systems. A new variant that surfaced over the weekend appears to be taking advantage of Java vulnerability for which Apple released a patch yesterday.

The virus is installed when a someone visits a malicious sight and is asked to install flash. The full article can be found here. Be aware of what sites you are visiting and proceed with caution. If you do get infected, stop by CPS with your Mac and we'll take a look at for you. We get is cleaned up and virus free in just a couple days.

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