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March Newsletter 2019


This month is dedicated to financial software and the hardware that supports it. Don’t let the technical aspects of your finances make you want to pull your hair out. CPS can help your business by installing and monitoring your software and integrate programs that can work across multiple platforms.

Don’t Stress, Creative Programs and Systems Can Help!

With the tax season quickly approaching, it is imperative to have your financial matters in order. It’s pretty much a no brainer that businesses of any size need a software program to manage their finances. First, let’s start off by suggesting to stay away from any free, web-based software programs as your data is held and owned by them and security is unknown. Instead, choose a software program like: QuickBooks, Sage 50 (Peachtree), MAS 90, Fishbowl, FreshBooks, and others alike. Web-based versions of paid software lend some credibility, FreshBooks and QuickBooks Online are the two most common. Desktop/Server versions are hosted within your own computer network, where you can manage and oversee the security with regular external backups on your hard-drive, you truly own your data. They cost money; sure, usually a monthly or yearly license fee based on users, but isn’t your security and peace of mind worth the cost?

Ok, so now you have chosen the software program you need, and most likely you will come across issues on how to properly install it; installation differences based on your computer, is your hardware up to date and able to accept this newly purchased software, networking the licensed users, ensuring your firewall or other filters are not blocking the upload, etc. and etc. Now, you're stressed again and have already wasted so much time, and your computer may be in limbo of functioning as normally as it should…ugh. Picture painted? Have you been in this spot before or do you continue to put off the inevitable? Ease the stress of burden and give our professional technicians at CPS a call. We’ll take care of the hassle and ensure no downtime for your business. Now, wasn’t that easy!

Let CPS Take Your IT and Software Hassles Away.

Finding an adequate financial software program that fits your business structure can be stressful. Consult with our IT professionals to resolve your concerns, taking away any anxiety you may have. We take the time to listen to you and your business needs, properly assess your IT infrastructure, check for compatibility and devise a plan that not only meets your requirements but your budget as well. We’ll set up your software and properly integrate it within 3rd party software programs and your computer network. Many store-bought programs come loaded with bloat that you don’t need, sometimes making them cumbersome and not user-friendly. CPS can remove the dispensable items while keeping the software functional for your needs. We also manage 3rd party technology vendors for you; our experience means we do not sit on hold with the manufacturer support line; we already know how to properly install the software.

You can depend on receiving unbiased, honest and up-front, competent advice from the professionals at CPS; giving you cost-effective and proven solutions that will meet your needs. For over 20 years, CPS has been providing residential and commercial IT support; offering tested and proven solutions for hardware, software, data recovery, monitoring of your systems, and securing your networks. Service assistance is specific and unique for each individual client/business, as no IT environment is the same. We ensure that software programs are installed correctly the first time allowing your business to perform at its peak efficiency. Give us a call or feel free to stop by.

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