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Its a Windows 10 computer that slides into your pocket for less than $250


Just when you thought smartphones were about to plant desktop PCs in the same shallow grave that swallowed DVDs, Blackberrys and fax machines, the PC is having a comeback. In fact, researchers just found that from April through June 2081, the PC market enjoyed its best sales quarter in six years. The reality is that for all the marvels packed into your phone, there are just some tasks that are better accomplished seated in front of a full-size monitor and keyboard. For the past two years, Dutch-born Ockel Computers has split that difference with its Sirius B Pocket PC, a Windows 10 enabled computer that performs like a regular PC in a micro-sized, portable package.

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You can find out what all the commotion is about by picking up an Ockel Sirius B at a fraction of the price of a regular PC at just $249, a $100 saving off its regular price from TNW Deals.

The Sirius B looks like a portable hard drive and easily slides into a pant pocket or purse. But when you plug it into a HDMI display and hook up a keyboard, you’re rocking a full-powered Windows 10 compatible computer. It’s like having an ever-ready travel laptop without lugging a laptop around. With an Intel quad-core processor running the show, the Sirius B is packing 4GB of RAM, 32GB flash storage, three USB/HDMI ports, Micro SD capabilities and even built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. That’s more than enough juice to handle virtually any day-to-day computing needs. With high-end computers still sporting price tags north of $500 to $1,000, the Sirius B is a major bargain, especially with the current $100 off deal, while the offer lasts.

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Original Date: Aug 5 2018

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