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February Newsletter - Waldenwoods


This month is dedicated to custom CRM software management programs. Oversee and manage your sales leads, customer interactions, marketing campaigns, employee performance, and more with your own unique platform designed and built just for your business needs.

CPS proudly announces the launch of Waldenwoods Banquet CRM!

Since its founding in 1837, Waldenwoods Resort and Conference Center has remained a staple in our community for peaceful and relaxing get-aways and offering charming and historic venues for weddings, banquets, and conferences all while surrounded by 400 acres of wooded, natural splendor and sitting upon a beautiful 140-acre spring fed lake.

Like any business, especially ones that are generational, things need to be updated. Frustrated by using out-of-date, multi-database systems that don’t “talk” to each other, owner, Brian Crouse, contacted CPS for help. He came to our team seeking a platform that streamlines his entire business operations, and although the entire CRM is not complete, the Banquet part of it was launched in late December and functioning as intended.

Now, his entire Banquet and Conference Center team can communicate effectively with leads and clients via a customized emailer and client portal, schedule tours and events, assign/manage tasks, track leads, coordinate events, build customized event packages and contracts, classify vendors, collect payments, and easily review data through reports.

CPS can build you a Customer Relationship Management Software Program too!

This is a common issue we see with long-standing businesses. They start with one computer and one software program. As the time modernizes and businesses try to keep up with the pace before they know it, they have a network of computers that don’t communicate properly, old servers that can’t handle their data, and out of date software programs that no longer meet their needs. If this is an issue for your work place, contact CPS for a free, no obligation consultation.

We offer a wide array of IT services to update your computer networking and upgrade your servers. We also specialize in custom programming software that helps your business stay on top of the latest trends. When strategizing and working with Waldenwoods, we quickly learned that they too have an expansive array of amenities and services, which is why we’re building their custom CRM in stages. We are able to minimize costs and risks by launching the platform within one department first. We test, get feedback, revise, and test again. This procedure allows us to create and build out the remainder parts of their CRM in a much quicker and efficient manner.

So, if you’re tired of “fixing” the old stuff, and want something new that fits your specific business needs, check out all of our services. Or, contact us directly to see what we can do for you!

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