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Dust off your computer regularly to prevent its premature demise


Dust can spell the end for a computer when allowed to build up, blocking the vent and forcing the cooling fan to spin faster. This means more noise and, worst case, an earlier device failure. That's why users should regularly clean dust and dirt off their computers or notebooks, advises the German tech magazine PC Go. A fine brush and a vacuum cleaner can help. Users should opt for a low suction level and the smallest possible nozzle size. Special attachments are also available for little money.

One important thing to keep in mind: Before cleaning the inside of a computer, it's essential that users unplug the power cord. They should also keep some distance from the sensitive components of the computer at all times. Special care should be taken with the fan impellers: If they start moving during vacuuming, the rotation can generate tension. In the worst case, this could damage the motherboard, "PC Go" warns. To prevent this from happening, try using a cotton swab to block them. But even with the finest nozzle, it may still be impossible to get to every corner. In such cases, it's better to blow off the dust. Small bellows from a local camera shop are one option. Or you could go for a gas duster from a computer store. Meanwhile, liquid or moist cleaning agents and electrostatic cleaning brushes should only be used for cleaning the exterior of a computer.


Original Date: Oct 30 2017

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