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December Newsletter- Mr Goofys


This month is dedicated to custom barcode scanner applications and integrated software programs. CPS can help your business to fully maximize its potential by creating a database system specific to your needs. 


Creative Programs & Systems

December, 2018


CPS is happy to announce the recent launch of a new Website and Automated Scanning App for Mr. Goofy’s Car Wash!

The owner of Mr. Goofy’s Car Wash, located in Belleville, Saline, and Ypsilanti, wanted to offer his customers a better deal for their premium car washes. He envisioned the Unlimited SpeedyPass Membership Plan, which enables car owners to receive unlimited car washes on a monthly basis. He consulted with CPS to turn his idea into reality, and six months later all three locations were implementing the new program by being able to sign up members, process credit cards, and scan them into their database using a wireless, pocket-sized, handheld-terminal. The use of the app is easy, fast, accurate, and secure; ensuring not to hold up a line of cars!


View their new website and learn more about their Unlimited SpeedyPass Membership Plans. You’re just in time to purchase, either online or at a Mr. Goofy’s location, a Discount Coupon Book and/or a SpeedyPass Membership for that special someone for the holidays! 


CPS builds custom, integrated software programs for businesses!

After brainstorming on how to best implement this program, CPS and Mr. Goofy’s Car Wash together determined that they would benefit from a custom software system that fully incorporates the use of an Android touchscreen, wireless, 3D laser barcode scanner with MSR (magnetic swipe reader), an e-commerce website, and a full backend admin panel. The website had to be responsive, easy to use, colorful, and have an e-commerce store. The app had to be simple, with large bold buttons for staff to process credit cards, sign up and scan SpeedyPass barcodes, clock in/out, reference/edit SpeedyPass members, and create reports. The backend admin database had to manage products for e-commerce, SpeedyPass members, employees, and report data on all three locations separately and simultaneously.

Every business is different with varying needs. “Off-the-Shelve” systems generally are very expensive and typically do not even fully fulfill your business requirements. If you think you could benefit from an upgraded software system or a completely new/custom one, contact CPS for a free consultation.

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