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Can Mac Computers Get Viruses?


Apple has a loyal customer base, drawn to the Mac because of its ease of use and simplicity of design- they’ve used that formula since releasing the first one back in 1984. There is a rumour going around which leads people to believe that Mac computers are invulnerable to virus attacks that Windows users face. As a Nerd, it’s our duty to tell the world the truth, so buckle up.

So let’s talk viruses

A biological virus is a parasitic creature capable of striking anyone, and every victim is left miserable when under the hold of the cold or flu. In digital terms, a computer virus is the exact same- and while Macs aren’t affected by some of the viruses that hit PCs- they aren’t safe from all viruses. No operating system is immune to viruses yet, as viruses are just programs and every computer was designed to run programs. Some experts have suggested that one of the reasons is that perhaps they are less likely to be compromised due to their market share. After all, why write a virus for 1,000,000 computers when you could reach tens of millions. Others have suggested that Macs really do present fewer opportunities for malicious software to spread. Regardless of those suggestions, based on our data from in-home appointments, Macs can get infected- they are not impervious.


Windows will run a program however it can, even when it’s a virus redirecting it. However, Mac’s operating system is built on UNIX, which stops unauthorized redirections in its track. It doesn’t mean your Mac is immune to attacks, it just means the damage will be limited. Much like a balanced diet and regular exercise will improve your overall health…you can still fall prey to a bad flu that’s going around. Provided the code writer knows what they are doing, they are can create malicious software that can get around the architecture of the Mac OS to infect the Mac. Hence, the lack of awareness of Mac viruses presents an interesting opportunity for cybercriminals.

Staying secure

Okay, so maybe your Mac isn’t as secure as you thought- but don’t panic. Just as any computer user must do, the best way to prevent attacks is by taking proactive steps. There’s plenty of legitimate anti-virus software out there for Mac users; we encourage you to make use of them. Be careful what attachments you open from emails, if you don’t know the sender, don’t open the attachment, especially when faced with office documents or ZIP files. Malware frequently originates from .co and .cc domains, so you should be cautious of where your web surfing takes you. Before you even click the link, check the domain by hovering over the link and looking at the bottom of your screen- you’ll see a status bar that shows the full link. Regularly back up your important files and store them offline so you don’t lose anything in the event of a virus. Regardless, if you’re on a PC or Mac, take precaution and browse safely.

These tech tips were provided by Nerd Alert. Nerd Alert provides people and businesses with an easy and trusted way to get on-demand, personalized tech help, device setup training and repair for all devices right to their doorstep from helpful Nerds in their own community. By: Julius McGee Special to the Boca and Delray newspapers

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