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There are many ways to boost your rankings on Google.  Many people overlook the time and effort it takes for many of those methods to become effective.  Creating an online identity on many sites that are trusted takes time and commitment regarding the subject matter.  If you’re trying to boost a site that sells televisions, for instance, it would be advantageous to make sure you’re a respected member with forums within the television fields.  For instance, Audio Video Forums that see a lot of traffic and have an abundance of incoming and outgoing posts.  It is not surprising that posts get deleted when you are not a frequent author posting to that forum.  You need to be a member in good standings and show a pattern of time with a forum your link has a better chance at staying on the site.   

The same thing is true for twitter feeds, facebook groups and linked in groups.  Users and moderators are very good at picking up on spam and savvy enough to know that if they let your spam stick around it only encourages others to try to spam their site. 

Everyone wants to own a blog to help with their rankings. While a blog is nice it has to be followed and linked to in order to be of any use.  The easiest way to build a following is to participate in the blogosphere and to find blogs that are related to what you’re trying to rank.  When you are posting on these sites make sure what you’re adding to the discussion.  It is more important than a few empty words and a link.  Reference actual points of interest in the blog post and if you do decide to link back to your blog make sure the link-back is relevant. 

Some linking sites like reedit or dig have built in ranking systems for the users who post.   For instance on reedit you earn credibility based on how many people like the link you provided.  Lose credibility if people think it is spam my you will lose credibility and you will be banned from posting any links. 

Most business owners do not have enough time in the day to accomplish all of these things and therefore hire third party companies to do the work.

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