November 2021 Newsletter

November 3, 2021

Prolong the Life of Your Computer with Help from CPS 

It’s no secret that computers don’t last forever. These expensive yet vital devices play an essential role in our lives. To get the most from your investment, it’s a good idea to stretch its life out as far as possible. Upgrades and repairs can sustain your Personal Computer (PC) for a longer lifetime than initially intended.

Don’t trust just anyone with your PC! Think of it as bringing your vehicle to a mechanic. Would you take your vehicle to someone who immediately replaces parts without diagnosing? This important aspect of computer repair can be life or death when it comes to your PC. Mechanical work such as replacing the hard drive or screen requires special skills and tools. To troubleshoot certain issues and keep your PC operational, let us help!

Repair My PC!

Five Most Frequent Computer Repair Issues

These issues can’t be ignored. If you are experiencing any of the following, bring your computer to us; CPS can repair your PC.  

1)   Computer Won’t Boot: You might start to worry if your PC fails to turn on. Don’t stress – this is typically due to something as straightforward as a defective power supply. Your files are more than likely safe and sound. However, there can be other reasons why a computer won’t boot, and unfortunately, these are not as simple.   

2)   Poor Internet Connection: While this is a common issue, there’s not always an easy resolution. Settings on the computer could be a culprit, as well as the Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is a separate issue entirely.
3)   Computer Viruses: Spyware, malware, ransomware, etc., can all infect your computer with ease. These sneaky viruses have been around for decades and are steadfast threats to PCs. Your files can be deleted, computer privacy can be violated, slowed, etc.  

4)   Windows Fails to Load: If the computer turns on but fails to load, the power supply is not an issue. Typically, the culprit consists of corrupt files or an aging/failing hard drive. If the problem is the latter, your files could be lost.
5)   Slow Computer: If your PC is running dreadfully slow, there could be a few reasons. Too many files, a computer virus, or not enough RAM are all culprits. To get your computer running back up to speed, a system tune-up will be the most beneficial.

Computers are essential lifestyle tools for many of us. At Creative Programs and Systems, we understand their vital role. We’ve been repairing computers since 1994 and offer various solutions to prevent and rectify PC issues. Contact us today if you’re looking for data backup, security, virus protection, technological support, hardware improvements, power protection, or more.