Managed IT and Managed Anti-Virus & System Health Monitoring

March 14, 2023

What Is Managed IT?

CPS is known as a “Managed IT Service Provider.” We’re like an in-house IT department charged with everything related to computers, phones, wiring, etc. – except our main office is in Brighton, MI. We’ll either remote into your computer system or come to your office to oversee and manage your IT network and systems. To get started, a consultant will perform a full IT assessment of your business operations, review your needs and objectives, and create a custom IT plan of action that incorporates your budget, timelines, and future goals. Companies benefit from predictable IT expenses and can better focus on their core business matters rather than their computers.

What is Managed Antivirus & System Health Monitoring?

With a Managed Antivirus plan, the techs at CPS will consistently and efficiently manage all antivirus software, allowing your team and admin to rest a little easier. Our lightweight antivirus and monitoring of clients offer advanced threat protection and proactive system maintenance while not slowing your computers down. This practice can identify numerous issues and resolve them in real time. A CPS technician can directly address any problems that our AI-driven tools cannot solve. All managed antivirus is done behind the scenes or remotely, meaning our techs will log in and connect directly to your network to make any necessary updates or adjustments without setting foot in your home or office.  

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Benefits of Remote & On-Site Managed IT

More Time – Save time and energy by no longer hiring, training, and overseeing IT employees.

Efficiency Gain proactive system monitoring and maintenance, which reduces downtime and outages.

Controlled Costs Outsourced IT costs less than an internal department and allows you a predictable budget, no matter how often you need IT services.

Expert Advice – With managed IT services, you’ve hired experts with the training, qualifications, certifications, and experience you need to give your business the proper advice for future upgrades when necessary.

Peace of Mind – Focus your attention on your business and trust that backups, security, and reliability are always present for your IT needs.

Benefits of Managed Antivirus & System Health Monitoring

Central Management – A single antivirus management plan oversees every device in your network(s), allowing you to concentrate on your business. 

Consistent Security – Staff cannot turn off or uninstall a managed antivirus plan/solution.

Continuous Monitoring Automated processes ensure your antivirus is up to date with regularly scheduled scans to detect possible breaches and infections to immediately neutralize threats.

Real-Time Response – Viruses never sleep. Our techs will be alerted of an issue and quickly address and remove suspicious and critical matters.

Reduce/Prevent Downtime – Cleaning and removing a virus can take several hours per computer and more per server, not including the time to restore the data (if backed up.)

Cost-Effective – In the end, hiring professionals to oversee your data security properly is cheaper than paying subpar help and the cost of damage repair. Also, a single-managed antivirus service plan is usually more economical than individual licenses.

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A managed antivirus service plan will protect your server(s), workstations, network, and wireless access devices – and, more importantly, give you peace of mind. Think of it as a data security guard who constantly monitors your systems and provides an alert when a door or window is unlocked or opened. CPS will swoop in to further scan your network’s health and take the necessary action to segregate and control the threat.

Our professional, in-house IT techs can efficiently manage your entire computer infrastructure, including everything from your hardware to software and everything in between. Whether you require daily support or as needed – you can be assured not to waste another second troubleshooting your IT network. We’ll do it for you!

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