July 2019 Newsletter

July 2, 2019

This month is dedicated to building custom websites that are responsive and optimized for performance while doing it quickly and accurately to prevent server crashes.

CPS Helps Triton Stormwater Solutions Stay Up to Date

We hear it all the time. Companies are dependent on their website to communicate and sell their product, yet while it was once a sufficient and effective website, it no longer meets the demands of today’s technological standards. Triton Stormwater Solutions is just one company in recent months that CPS has helped in getting their website and IT infrastructure up to date with technology. Their website was not mobile friendly and the server it was hosted on was running out of space. The owners met with CPS to discuss getting their website up to modern standards, which was a large task to incorporate since their online site calculator had to handle complex, real-time, 2-D wireframe renderings in both English and Metric units.

After reviewing what they had to keep and what they could purge from their site, CPS designed a mockup. Even though they wanted to keep the same general flow and layout, we created an optimized replica of their website so their current customer base could relate to the functions. Four months later, CPS launched their new site showcasing multiple videos; an interactive worldwide sales/distributors locator; admin functions to upload case studies, manuals, and brochures along with CAD and PDF drawings for users to download – and of course, their one- of-a-kind site calculator for developers to use in getting a representation of the chamber field diagram of their site project.

The real-time, 2-D wireframe calculator was created using HTML5; and an automatic PDF generating system that builds out pages of data and the wireframe in one document. This allows Triton’s customers to get all of the pertinent figures for their quotes in one easy-to-read PDF document. Meticulously hand coded, Triton’s new website is more accurate, faster, multinational, and 100% W3C compliant. Server space is no longer an issue as they decided to transfer their data onto CPS’s private, secured web-server.

Stormwater management is one of the greatest challenges facing site developers and municipal governments. Triton Stormwater Solutions provides comprehensive and low-maintenance underground stormwater chamber management solutions that properly contain sediments, contaminants, and surface runoff while meeting environmental regulations and creating

world-class projects. Their products are ultra-durable yet lightweight, and eco-friendly – made of revolutionary new soy resin-based material that makes up the chambers. Triton’s system save time, money and land, and offers greater LEED potential over any other. Their chambers can be used in a two-tier, stacked configuration in many applications, which saves space.

Managing stormwater issues worldwide – visit their website and contact Triton Stormwater Solutions for more information.

Keeping Up with Technological Advances

CPS is working with several other businesses that share Triton’s past online issues so get in sync and let us help you in getting your website, software, and/or hardware up to date and modernized with today’s latest standards. Whether you need minor adjustments; a rebuild for an optimized and responsive site; or a completely new customized website, contact the professionals at CPS for a free, no obligation consultation. We can also make updates on your current software or custom code programs that help you run your business more efficiently. Is your server running slow or running out of space, or do you have other hardware deficiencies? We can take care of that too! Give us a call at 810-224-5252 and see what we’re all about.