Death, Taxes, and E worms

August 16, 2019

Technology is an ever-changing element of our society, with entire industries emerging and dying out seemingly weekly. Somehow, through shifting priorities or perhaps the sheer force of will, computer worms and viruses are an element that will never die. Throughout the history of computers worms have been an increasingly hot topic in cybersecurity, but all sides can agree that they stem from a nuisance to a completely debilitating threat to you and your family’s information and livelihood, if not careful. Luckily experts are always putting out information with ways of combating these seemingly indestructible forces of man-made nature.

In the CSO article, the author takes the reader through a guided explanation of exactly what these worms are and how you can defend yourself and your computer from being affected from their nefarious goals. Topics include comparisons of worms to viruses, how worms spread from computer to computer (frighteningly quickly), what exactly these worms can do to and with your personal information, and what steps you can take to remove one if detected. These worms can be troublesome for everybody with a computer but, fortunately, steps to keep your sensitive information out of harm’s way isn’t as intimidating as it may sound. With hope and practice we all can see a world without worms in the near future.