August Newsletter

August 16, 2019

Improve your online presence with optimized servers and websites.

Concord Mortgage, Inc. Partners with CPS for Digital Marketing!

Concord Mortgage came to CPS with a typical problem – their website wasn’t producing any leads. After consulting with them and discussing their main issues, we determined that their current server in which their site was hosted on was limiting their ability to be truly optimized and stand out from competitors. The prefabricated server didn’t allow custom code to be written to enhance their website and implement digital marketing campaigns to further grow their business.

The first step was to transfer their data onto a private and secure server. Then, we recoded their website, mimicking its current style and format all while optimizing it for organic SEO and expandable digital marketing strategies. Collaborating together, the owners of Concord Mortgage gave our team ideas in what they wanted search engines to find them by, services that they want to promote, the demographics they want to focus on, and important statistics they want to follow.

Within a few days of our partnership, CPS’s IT department retained and set up a privately encrypted and off-location server for Concord Mortgage, one in which they own all of their data and have complete control and assess to. CPS’s digital marketing team diligently researched the industry, positive and negative keywords associated to their business, their potential client base, and geographical location they service. Within a few weeks after the server move, their website was optimized by our professional, in-house developers producing a website that was mobile responsive, faster loading times, W3C code compliant, and optimized for search engines to easily find and rank. A week after launch, they started to receive legitimate sales leads. The owners, somewhat shocked at the quick turn-around of positive results are pleasantly surprised with the strategy we put forth. And note – we’ve just gotten started!

Let Us Partner with You!

By partnering with Concord Mortgage and others alike, CPS continually monitors and adjusts our marketing strategies over the course of time by evaluating their analytic scores, bounce/conversion rates, and most importantly actual sales. It isn’t just about getting people to a website, it’s about getting qualified leads of truly potential clients that are interested in buying your product to your website. We are honored to have the privilege to work with a company of such high integrity as Concord Mortgage, Inc. and we look forward to a productive and fruitful partnership.

Growing and expanding your online presence takes time, knowledge, and the ability to think critically. CPS has partnered with many other businesses like Concord Mortgage and we pride ourselves in treating every one with the same level of respect and dedication. We know that every business is unique and that no one standard works across the board, which is why we specialize in custom made websites, software development, IT builds, and Digital Marketing strategies. CPS consults with companies to assess and devise an in-depth plan that meets your unique needs that’s expandable for future growth while staying within your budget. If you’re looking for competent advice and support then contact us for a free consultation and learn how a strategic digital marketing plan can help your business grow.

Concord Mortgage, Inc. Your Local and Trusted Mortgage & Refinance Broker/Lender

Concord Mortgage is a Michigan licensed mortgage broker and lender located in downtown Brighton since 1995. They help families of all backgrounds to purchase and refinance homes by walking you through the seemingly complicated process every step of the way. You can trust their team of experienced professionals to help you make sound financial choices and find an affordable loan option, prefect for you. Utilize their Mortgage Resource Center which provides information on different loans. Or, read up on what they offer for FHA mortgage loans, helping many qualify for government home loans. Let their team of professional’s help guide you and get you one step closer to owning your own home! Learn more and contact them for a personal consultation or call (810) 220-8200.