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November Newsletter IT Solutions for Healthcare


November 2020 News

Healthcare-Managed IT Services

Tired of supporting your own office IT?
Too busy running your healthcare practice to deal with computer issues?
CPS can help!
Healthcare organizations invest heavily in IT. Some of their responsibilities include maintaining regulatory compliance, improving service quality, streamlining communication and care procedures, all while trying to lower costs. Healthcare personnel can easily get overwhelmed with new server/workstation installation and maintenance, lost data, security infringements, coordinating third-party vendors, or simply troubleshooting with staff.
At CPS, we aim to ease the hassle of maintaining technology and infrastructure experienced by healthcare professionals and management staff. As a trusted resource, we ensure healthcare technology is executed efficiently. This proven approach reduces down time, leads to superior services, higher productivity, and more efficient operating expenses. 

Managed IT Solutions for Healthcare

At CPS, we aim to provide structure by maintaining:
Hardware & Software
Applications & Programs
Networking Components
Computer Hardware
Infrastructure Management
Supporting Daily Processes
Reinforcing Data Accessibility
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Founded in 1994, Creative Programs and Systems provides professional results for all computer needs. We design, create, and code an array of custom software programs and websites; implement internet marketing strategies for enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results; repair and provide support for computers of both residential and professional nature; build custom systems and servers, and offer secure data backups. Need assistance or want to learn more? Call us at 810-224-5252 or e-mail

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