Waldenwoods Resort & Conference Center

Custom CRM, Business App, & Server

Waldenwoods Resort and Conference Center is a beautiful RV and camping destination and offers the perfect venue for a romantic wedding, family retreat, or business convention. Founded and operated by the Crouse family since 1837, Waldenwoods is 400 areas of natural splendor in lower Michigan with that up north feel.

Our Task

Waldenwoods was using outdated, multi-database systems that did not “talk” to each other. They needed a new, customized CRM that could integrate their entire business operations on one easy-to-use platform. They also required a customer portal for clients and members to log into, make online payments, check-in/out of campsites, and request services.

Our Solution

Due to the expansive array of amenities and services Waldenwoods provides, we built out their CRM in stages, starting with their Banquet department. Launching the first phase allowed the administration and staff to transition into the new software easily. We duplicated features of the CRM that could be used for other departments, such as the calendar and email functions, saving development time. A customer portal was also created to merry their email system, offer online billing/payment, view and sign documents, reserve camping sites, check-in/out, and request services.

Published Date: May, 2018
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Our Results

In December 2019, we launched the platform for the Waldenwoods Banquet department. After rigorous testing and client initial use, we reevaluated and made necessary adjustments. The banquet staff can communicate effectively with leads and clients via a customized emailer and client portal, schedule tours and events, assign/manage tasks, track leads, coordinate events, build customized event packages and contracts, classify vendors, collect payments, review employee status, receive important alerts, and easily review data through reports.

Starting in March 2020, CPS launched the Member’s Services platform in subsections for Waldenwoods camping and RV services. Similar to setting up banquet packages, member services can now streamline their functionality in creating camping packages, tracking members' status, setting camping reservations, scheduling special events, and make/receive online payments. Members have their own portal to view their member status, check-in/out of a campsite, money owed on loans, request/reserve services like campfire wood delivery, and make secure online payments.

The vast team of Waldenwoods was connected via the CRM by sharing a customized calendar, email, and task system. Rangers, groundskeepers, sales, and activities personnel share the Members and Banquet task system, as they overlap responsibilities. A separate, mobile friendly, app was created for rangers for use in the field which coordinates with the CRM.

This custom software program is truly unique to Waldenwoods and its owner. It was created per the specifications of the client and his team so ease of use was paramount while capturing the multifunctional array of all that Waldenwoods has to offer. It was an honor to work with Brian Crouse and his expansive team. We are happy to have created an amendable software program that can continue to grow and meet their future needs.

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