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September Newsletter


This month is dedicated to Managed IT services – giving you the ability to focus on your business operations while we handle all of your IT infrastructure.



Creative Programs & Systems

September, 2019

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What is Managed IT?   

Managed IT services came about to provide business owners the peace of mind in knowing that their IT operations are taken care of. It’s like having an in-house IT department but with additional perks. Businesses of all sizes and industry save time and money by not having to supervise or pay for a full-time employee(s) and yet they still have the support they need whether it’s on a daily basis or occasionally throughout the month. Companies can choose a level of support that is sufficient to their needs and can rest assured with a planned expense. Thus, there are no surprise invoices. Good managed IT plans, like the ones CPS offers, provide 24/7 monitoring of equipment and maintenance – so any problems detected are resolved before they occur; reducing down time and loss revenue. Employees directly request support needs through a portal, email or phone call and receive prompt follow up.  

If you’re interested in offloading your IT operations with 24/7 monitoring and proactive support, contact CPS for a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll perform an assessment of your current IT situation and strategize with you the best course of action that fits both your needs/goals and your budget. Choose from either a user or device management plan (below), and CPS will further customize it to truly fit your companies demands. All plans are hassle-free and you receive remote or on-site IT support, as needed.   


Partnering up with TSRL, Inc. for Managed IT Services

TSRL came to us with a typical problem, their current managed IT provider just wasn’t keeping up with their demands. Overhead projectors kept disconnecting during conference meetings, network wires were bare and poorly terminated, and their VPN support was spotty at best. Our dedicated professionals came in, repaired the broken elements, identified problems and within days had their operation running smoothly. CPS continues to monitor their network for any issues and fixes them immediately. We are also working with TSRL to upgrade their old server and move their email to Exchange 365.

Elke, CEO and Dawn, COO, as well as myself, are extremely pleased with your Team’s customer service. There are many areas of improvement since signing the contract and the stress level at TSRL is pretty much gone. WE rely on YOUR TEAM to support us and that is exactly what is done…with courtesy, professionalism and respect.  THANK YOU!

-Penny Weller

Therapeutic Systems Research Laboratories (TSRL), Inc. is a privately-owned preclinical accelerator based in Ann Arbor, Michigan focused on building companies that develop infectious disease therapeutics. A key aspect to their strategy is their Technology Accelerator, an ongoing collaborative process that lends their expertise and capabilities to entrepreneurs seeking to obtain the data and non-dilutive funding necessary to develop and/or commercialize inventions. One focus is improving existing drug products by applying their versatile prodrug platform technologies to optimize therapy regimen for treating infectious diseases. To learn more information about how TSRL can lend their expertise, contact them at

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