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October Newsletter


This month is dedicated to integrated and multi-functional websites.


Creative Programs & Systems

October, 2019

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Learn the Basics of Medicare from Omega Benefits

With the Medicare annual election period quickly approaching (October 15th through December 7th), we here at CPS thought now would be a good time to announce the dedication the Omega team offers senior citizens in navigating the ins and outs of Medicare. Omega’s subsidiary site, Senior Health Medicare (SHM) provides Medicare options and education directly to seniors whom are not affiliated with a retiree program. They are your advocate in helping you understand the complex maze of programs, isolating the best carriers, and making recommendations that are rooted in experience. Shop Medicare’s plans and rates, enroll online for Part D or Medigap, and gain knowledge that you can trust by viewing them live as seen on Detroit’s Channel 4 News. The team at Omega Benefits takes the complications out of Medicare and simplifies the entire process keeping you informed of the best plans available to you, any changes that may occur, and ongoing support.

Omega Benefits also helps Credit Unions, Labor Unions, and Associations in building their own privatized Medicare label. In partnering with Omega, they can help your organization in expanding the umbrella of services you provide to your work force, offering full-service Medicare resources and education. Partners of Omega gain member retention by providing their own trustworthy resources (like Medicare) for soon-to-be and retirees, helping people enroll in the right program and to inform and advise them of any changes and updates in the system throughout the life of their membership. Omega also offers its partners custom marketing plans from printing, design, and deployment. Partners generate some funds for enrollments, gain cross-selling opportunities (life/home insurance, loans, etc.) all while maintaining their brand as the true resource of Medicare. Learn more by listening to one of their live podcasts heard on WJR News Talk 760 or contact them directly to see what Omega Benefit Strategies can offer you and/or your team.

Partnering with Omega Benefits since 2014

CPS has partnered with Omega Benefits since 2014 providing their business’ websites and CRM software along with being sourced to provide for their affiliates. CPS recently revised Omega’s current website to better represent their mission and all that they do and can offer. Their sister or subsidiary site was created prior to act as the gateway for signing up soon to be and/or retired individuals who are not affiliated with a group or an organization. and and are just a few of their affiliate sites that CPS created in partnering with Omega Benefit Strategies – using the companies specific style guide and mimicking Omega’s design layout for Medicare information and forms.

Within these websites, CPS has incorporated the use of: live webinars, YouTube videos, online referrals, lead generation into their CRM, API integrations allowing us to gather real time rates from insurance providers, third party plugins, secure online enrollments forms, event calendar schedular and tracking RSVPS online, and customized Medicare website designs that reflect their current organizations website. Check out the above websites and review all the features and more. If you are a retiree or soon-to-be, feel free to apply online. Or, if you are interested in a custom website, or need some software programming updates/changes, or a CRM that integrates and manages all of your business operations under one platform then contact CPS for a free consultation. See for yourself how our team will make great partners with yours!


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