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October Newsletter Data Backup and Recovery: Keeping Your Data Protected


In our technological world, there’s no doubt you have encountered the inevitable “spinning wheel of death” – a computer crash or device failure – resulting in the loss of valuable data. Human errors are also frequently responsible for information loss in both personal and business settings.

No matter the setting or size, data loss can have crippling effects in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, losing treasured information can annihilate profits. Your time and energy will undoubtedly be exhausted as you attempt to recover the files to their original form.

To circumvent these tragic circumstances, it is essential to have a proper data backup solution. Implementation will lead to loss-prevention and preparedness for future events. Creative Programs & Systems offers several backup options to automatically backup all of your files – including documents, photos, music, and movies – with a vast amount of storage space, file size, and speed. With a secure backup in place, device failure or human error will no longer be catastrophic, as you can simply recover your files with little effort.

Cloud Storage Options to Fit Your Backup Needs

Personal Use

  • PC or Mac Backup
  • Version History
  • Restore and Access
  • Secure, Encrypted Datacenters
  • GPS Location
  • Share Backup Files

Business Use

  • Computer, Server, NAS, and Veeam Backup
  • Free Hard Drive Restore
  • Automated, Continuous Backups
  • Admin Console
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Extended Version History

Ready to Secure Your Data? Contact the Tech Professionals at CPS Today!

Consult with our experts to discuss backup options tailored to your requirements. In addition to cloud backup services, we also offer physical backup servers, SureStore, which incrementally encrypts and archives data off-site, ensuring protection from any disaster. Don’t hesitate – contact us today!

Founded in 1994, Creative Programs and Systems provides professional results for all computer needs. We design, create, and code an array of custom software programs and websites; implement internet marketing strategies for enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results; repair and provide support for computers of both residential and professional nature; build custom systems and servers, and offer secure data backups. Need assistance or want to learn more? Call us at 810-224-5252 or e-mail

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