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June 2019 News


June, 2019 Newsletter

This month is dedicated to our industry leading digital marketing service. What is it? Why do you need it? And, how it can help you?

Digital Marketing: What is it?

Digital Marketing is the practice of managing all of your online presence using a combination of cyber communication tools in order to achieve your marketing objectives. Starting with your website, mobile app(s), and social media business pages – then building on these platforms to include other advertising channels – and integrating your entire marketing campaign for the purpose of gaining and retaining sales. Holistically, good marketing includes the customer experiences and relationship development, thus repeat clients. Having a user-friendly website and generating follow up emails of gratitude significantly helps in maintaining a comprehensive marketing campaign. Overall, digital marketing is what you do online to capture consumers attention, facilitate the flow of traffic to your site and getting your intended audience on board to purchase what you’re selling.

Digital marketing campaigns are exclusive to electronic channels. Today, half of our media comes from online networks. With over 1.9 billion websites in the world, and 95% of Americans shopping online, you need to stand out to attract business. Advertising on the internet is no longer just getting on page one by flooding the internet with backlinks. It’s a mixture of great website content, Google Ads, snippets, business listings, social media hype, YouTube advertisements, and more. It’s also a continual impression on your current clients and ever reaching for new ones. 

The advantages of Digital Marketing verse offline marketing is measurability. You can track where your leads are coming from across time and devices, which allows you to optimize and test A/B to see what works and what doesn’t. You can’t get that with a billboard. Also, with Digital Marketing you can target specific consumers by interests and demographics. This key feature enables you to determine where and how your campaign efforts are effectively working for your business.

CPS’s highly trained and experienced team of professionals will not only help generate traffic to your site, but will generate qualified traffic to your website which in turn, will lead to increased sales. We know what turns people off from buying and what entices them to reach out to you. Tools used to measure the success of Digital Marketing are fairly new and some are novelty techniques. The person/team running your campaign needs to have the mindset, intuition, and analytical skills to run it successfully.  Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business and continue to read on to see what we’ve done for one of our satisfied customers.


Partnering with Reynolds Water Conditioning Company

In 2017, Reynolds Water Conditioning Co. contacted CPS to help establish themselves online.  They had unfortunately selected a typical big box marketing company to help them.  Only to find out the salesperson knew the buzz words but didn’t have the core knowledge required to deliver.  CPS took over and almost immediately started to get their phones ringing again.  In less than 6 months, we had increased their on-line sales conversions by 2000% and in a year, they were up 3000%. CPS owner Kevin Germain says, "We had to research their market, change the entire design of their website to make it user friendly on a desktop and mobile device.  Having visible contact information and a simple flow to a website is a must.  We also had to change the entire process for organic ranking. Too many 'SEO' companies have no idea what customers are looking for in 2019, they are stuck doing what Google said to do in 2004.  I'm always happy when we can service a client and help them succeed."        

Reynolds Water Conditioning was established in 1931 and is Michigan's oldest water conditioning treatment company. Still owned and operated by the Reynolds family - Reynolds Water Conditioning takes pride in providing the highest quality products, at a cost-effective price. All of their components are guaranteed to solve your water problems. In addition, all of their components meet or exceed recognized industry standards. They are founding members of the Water Quality Association, Michigan Water Quality Association, and certified Water Quality Specialists. They are happy to evaluate your water quality needs and problems, at no cost or obligation to you.

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Water Quality

Reynolds Water Conditioning Co., serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Southeast Michigan and beyond. Tens of thousands of families and businesses have benefited from Reynolds quality water. Whether you have well water or city water, they have the products and expertise to provide high quality water at value prices. Contact them to design a water treatment system for your specific needs, at an affordable price.

Reynolds Water Conditioning Company
24545 Hathaway
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
TOLL FREE: (800) 572-9575

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