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Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) is a common element in successful digital marketing plans. Paid search advertising allows businesses to drive targeted traffic from search engines directly to their websites using custom ads and focused keyword search terms. Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter all offer options for paid advertising.

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is the most commonly recognized form of paid advertising. It allows users to target prospective clients, in real-time, as they are searching for products and services. Many clients choose to implement paid advertising through Google because of the search engines popularity. In fact, statistics show that more than 71% of all searches online are performed on Google and the top 3 advertisements account for 40% of on page clicks.

As well as being a trusted Google Partner, certified in Google Ads, CPS is an accredited Bing Ads professional. Our PPC experts have shown proficiency in Bing and Google Ads through online training and testing which gives us access to benefits that include exclusive online tools, special events, private consultations, industry research, certifications, and more.

PPC Marketing

  • Google Ads Setup initial account design or restructuring of current account
  • Keyword Supportongoing keyword research, search term review & negative keyword updates
  • Regular Reportingmonthly analysis & reports on individual campaign, ad groups, ads, extensions, keywords & search terms
  • Conversions Tracking setup conversion tracking on websites to track leads
  • Account Optimizationupdates to include ad scheduling, location exclusions & geographic targeting
  • Remarketing Services ad creation for use in remarketing on search & display networks

Using PPC To Build Your Business

Pay-Per-Click marketing on Google Ads is just one of the many ways that business owners can pay to advertise their website on search engines. Using PPC methods generates traffic to your website without having to earn it organically. The only time you are required to pay for the placement of your ad on a search engine is when it’s clicked, and a visitor is sent to your website.

For well-designed campaigns, the fee for each click is nominal in comparison to the value it brings to your business. That one click may cost you $15, but when it results in a $350 sale, the significance of PPC becomes clear. Not only did the ad produce a sale, it brought you a lifelong customer you might not otherwise have had. PPC marketing brings your website to targeted visitors where they are and when they are ready to act.

Pay Per Click Advertising
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