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February 2020 Newsletter


This month we discuss Remote Desktop Services (RDS) servers and custom-built computer workstations.


Creative Programs & Systems

February, 2020

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RDS Server Installed for ASTI Environmental  


CPS installed a new Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server for ASTI Environmental, an environmental consulting and engineering company located in Brighton, Michigan, to ensure that they would be secure after the Microsoft end of life date for Windows 7 and Server 2008. We worked with ASTI to plan, budget, and schedule an ideal time frame over the holidays to minimize downtime and lost revenue. In that minimal downtime, CPS created over 50 user accounts, migrated data, upgraded all software suites to the latest versions, and transferred the customer’s CRM and databases. All user accounts were preconfigured so staff could begin working immediately upon return from the holidays.

RDS servers are a great way to ensure that your employees across the globe can work together seamlessly and on identical platforms. This technology allows you to leverage the power and security of your server(s) rather than having to purchase costly high-end PCs for all of your users. If you think an RDS server may be right for your company or would like to learn more, contact CPS at 810-224-5252.


Custom-Built Servers & Computers


You may be wondering, “What’s wrong with off-the-shelf computers?” Well, for some people, nothing. Those who just need a basic computer system that is built for the general public and only uses it for visiting Facebook and sending emails, off-the-shelf computers are sufficient. However, those who rely on speed, like gamers, or those who depend on accurate renderings of AutoCAD, like engineers, or those who load or need access to a lot of data in real-time, like factories and warehouses, need something more (a lot more, actually) than the standard store-bought computer. That’s where the professionals at CPS come in. We listen to your needs, assess your operations, and determine the best solution while staying in check with your budget. We’ll make sure that your business is set up with a turn-key configured system that has the power, endurance, dependability, and speed you need to succeed.


When building out and networking your workstations to the company’s servers, our IT professionals confirm that your systems are fortified and protected, reducing the likelihood of online threats, such as viruses and identity theft. With the increase in cyber hacking, it is imperative to make sure your company server is configured and secured correctly. CPS specializes in setting up and building servers from single databases to a complete data center deployment. We also offer a range of servers and network storage solutions for any home or business IT infrastructure; including, full-tower systems, rackmount systems, and multi-processor servers.


Why Custom-Made Servers and Computers are Better



About ASTI Environmental


ASTI Environmental provides environmental consulting and engineering services to municipalities, private developers, and various other industries throughout Michigan and North America since 1985. They exclusively focus on environmental assessments, compliance, remediation, and restoration services, from the redevelopment of abandoned manufacturing facilities and gas stations to the restoration of the Jackson prison to ecological restoration of wetlands and wildlife shelters. ASTI is charged with area-wide environmental planning, such as addressing ecological concerns and barriers to future developments. They also provide strategies to utilize various incentives available to support remediation and redevelopment costs.


ASTI delivers cost-effective solutions to resolve environmental issues associated with development and operations. Their team is composed of certified environmental specialists, with directors holding over 20 years of professional experience in their respective fields. To learn more about ASTI and their services, contact them at 800-395-2784.



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