Google Analytics

Tracking and Reporting Website Traffic

Using Google Analytics, CPS is able to track and report more website information than ever before including acquisitions, behavior, and conversions. With the amount of information that Google Analytics records it is easy to become overwhelmed. The experts at CPS collects and scrutinizes the data to display it in an easy to understand format for our clients. The data that we retrieve is used to make recommendation that can be used to improve the online presence of your website.

Google Analytics Includes

Bounce Rate

Studying the websites bounce rate allows us to view the percentage of visitors that are navigate from your site after viewing a single page of your website. If this percentage is larger than the industry average expects then we know there is a problem with the website. Every website is unique, but a high bounce rate is often corrected by optimizing the webpage with more engaging content or an enhanced call to action. The webpage itself needs to be more relevant and interesting, thus engaging longer interaction.

New Market Analysis

By studying the geographic rundown of the websites traffic and what the traffic does when they reach the website, we can help clients identify new potential markets. By reviewing traffic and conversion rates new markets can be recognized.

Content Evaluation

By identifying web pages that have been receiving conversions and traffic we can determine the type of content that is resonating with website visitors. Once this has been determined more content of that nature can be created. When an element of your website is working, the goal is to recreate that element.

Analysis Done Right

The experts at CPS will analyze all of the different elements that are reported by Google Analytics and provide a detailed website analysis reporting on what is working and what needs improvement. This information is then turned into a strategic plan of action to increase the functionality of your website.

Google Analytics
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