Google Analytics

Tracking and Reporting Website Traffic

CPS uses many tools to gauge and assess your digital presence, and Google Analytics is one of them. Our SEO team has the knowledge and expertise to take all the analytical data available to track and report acquisitions, behavior, and conversions. We then compile this information into an easy to use format so our clients recognize the logistics involved in tracking the traffic of their website and understanding the results so we can, together, strategize the best plan of action. The professionals at CPS are constantly looking for ways to make improvements to enhance your bottom line.

Google Analytics Includes

Bounce Rate

Analyzing bounce rates of your website allows us to examine the percentage of visitors that navigate away from your site after viewing only a single page. If this percentage is larger than the industry average expects, then we know there is a problem with either the quality of your webpage or that of your audience; meaning you are not reaching your intended market. All websites are unique, but a high bounce rate is often corrected by optimizing the webpage with more engaging content or enhanced calls to action. They need to be relevant and attract your targeted market, encouraging them to explore your site and in the end, make a sale.

New Market Analysis

Studying the geographic rundown of your website's traffic and what users do when they reach it helps us to identify new potential markets for you. Our SEO team dedicates themselves in reviewing visitor behavior and conversion rates so that new markets can be recognized. If the product is selling, consider pursuing adjacent opportunities to further grow your business or hone in and focus more on specific revenue generating ideas.

Content Evaluation

Search Engines are looking for content that answers users' queries therefore, if you're not being found adequately, your first problem lies here. CPS can help you identify unique keywords that get you discovered. Once on your site, we identify which web pages receive the most conversions and traffic, determining which type of content within that page resonates with visitors. This could be written text, images, infographics, or videos; all the way down to the tone of language which you project online. Our SEO professionals strategize what parts of your current website are working, and either replicate it or develop new, fresh text content to further enhance your presence.

Analysis Done Right

The experts at CPS will analyze all of the different elements that are reported by Google Analytics and provide a detailed website analysis reporting on what is working and what needs improvement. This information is then turned into a strategic plan of action to increase the functionality of your website.

Google Analytics
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