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What Changes Are Predicted in 2020 for SEO


There is no doubt that SEO has transitioned on many aspects during 2019. Conventional SEO methods have continued to diminish in effectiveness and new trends and ideas are beginning to emerge. According to this article, a few predictions that are being made for SEO this year include an increase of Artificial Intelligence expansions for search engines and social media, a probable increase in voice searches, and mobile traffic changes in Google Discover. It’s interesting, Google made its first public announcement that good content does not always have to be human-made. Machines are learning new algorithms and they now have the ability to generate content that is useful to users. Google will most likely revise their guidelines regarding robot generated content in the near future. SEO in 2020 continues to build on the importance of understanding your customers’ needs and wants; specifically, to better understand how they are using your website in order to grow your online presence and increase sales. 

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