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September Newsletter Google Ad Grants: Who Does it Benefit and How Can You Qualify?


The Google Ads Grant program gives nonprofits a chance to advertise on Google for no cost. This program provides up to $10,000 per month in advertising to qualified institutions to be used on Google Ads to promote their brand and missions. To qualify, nonprofits must go through the application process and, once accepted, follow the rules of the program's details. 

Here is what you need to know to be considered eligible for the program:

Hold a current and valid charity status.

For example, in the US, you must have a current 501(c)(3) status. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit means the entity, usually a corporation, is organized for a nonprofit purpose and has been recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs. 

Acknowledge and agree to Google Grant's required certifications. 

You must agree to the policies and take a few short tests during the application process to be considered. 

Have a website that is both functioning and provides sufficient information and detail. 

You need a website that is mobile responsive and user friendly. Having enough information about your nonprofit is also a huge determining factor in getting approved by Google Grants.

Who is eligible and who isn’t?

Any nonprofit that has a 501(c)(3) are typically qualified for the grant program. These organizations can vary from libraries to churches and other charitable organizations. However, the following institutions are not eligible for Google Grants: 

·        Government entities and organizations

·        Hospitals and medical groups

·        Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions, and universities (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible)

Once you have been accepted for the grant program, you must maintain eligibility, and the following factors are key in keeping your grant:

·        All ads in your account must link to the nonprofit URL that was approved during your application process. 

·        You must be active in your account and log into your account at least once a month. If you are not involved in your AdWords account, you risk losing your grant status.

·        Your ads must reflect the mission of your nonprofit. You are allowed to sell products as long as 100% of the proceeds will support your program. 

·        Your ads cannot point to other pages on your site that send traffic off your site or other websites not related to your nonprofit. 

·        Your ads can't offer financial products such as credit cards or other financial incentives. Additionally, your ads cannot be asking for donations in the form of large goods such as cars, boats, or other properties.

·        Your website (or landing pages) cannot feature ads from Google AdSense or other affiliate advertising while running ads on the program to your website.

At any point in time, Google can revoke your grant if the above policies are not met and may put your organization at risk of never being considered again for a Google program. 

The Google Ad Grant program can be extremely viable and a game-changer for your institution if appropriately utilized. $10,000 a month ($120K a year) in Google Ads is a tremendous amount of money and its astonishing to see that there are still nonprofits out there that don't utilize the program.

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