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May Newsletter - Springing Back to Normal


As we are slowly reintroducing ourselves into a safer, more guarded environment doing the work we love – Creature Control, like us, has operated through this pandemic as an essential business. As with Creature Control, we are committed to helping those needing our professional services that may be challenging to find during these times.

On March 9th, 2020, CPS launched Creature Controls new website, which was a week prior to Michigan’s first Stay-at-Home order. Most people know that a new website is not ‘done’ after its launch; it’s really just completed phase one. Beyond the standard testing to ensure that all of the links work, emails are generating, and SEO description tags are in place - the team at CPS has overseen the continuation of development from the remote confines of our homes. While many were turning in and pausing online marketing, Creature Control increased their digital marketing efforts. We worked to amplify their brand awareness, implemented tracking to gauge their website traffic, and added Facebook advertising campaigns to their portfolio. 

Spring is a particularly busy season for Creature Control as insects and pests reemerge from overwintering. Common pest issues during this time of the year are squirrels getting into the attic, and an increase in bat activity, wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects.

If you have a nuisance animal invasion, trust the professionals at Creature Control to remove the problem quickly and humanely. See their latest blog post, where a duck has made its way into someone’s home through the fireplace. Creature Control had a tech there on a Sunday during the shut-down to safely remove it! Contact them today for emergency pest exclusion or to schedule routine management services.


Our Team Is Here to Help

Our desire and need to communicate with loved ones, educate our children, and maintain employment during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders has been trying for most everyone throughout the world. It has further pushed us into an era where we are more dependent on the digitalized world. If you have computer equipment that needs updating or repair, give us a call. If you need remote access assistance so you can work from home, contact us. If your E-Commerce site needs some TLC or you want a new, customized website, our in-house professionals are here to serve.

With everything else going on, making sure you stay up-to-date with technology is hard to do. That’s where the professionals at CPS come in. Our multifaceted team of experts can make sure that you aren’t left behind. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm – give us a call or stop by.


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