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March Newsletter- How To Work Remotely


On March 11th, 2020, Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared Michigan in a state of emergency due to the novel Coronavirus. It was announced on March 10th that two people were found to be infected with the pathogen in Michigan. Subsequently, various businesses and local officials are responding with considerations as to how to mitigate the spread of the infection. Michigan State University responded by stopping all in-person classes Wednesday, shortly after it learned of a probable case of the COVID-19 linked to the campus.
So, what is the best way to limit your exposure to the Coronavirus?
Many local and state officials have recommended that working remotely (if your job allows), is one of the best ways to minimize your exposure and intern, mitigate additional community spread.
Setting up VPNs – virtual private networks – are key to working from home, allowing the technology for telecommuting. VPNs are secured web connections used by millions of businesses and consumers worldwide.
Working from home? Creative Programs and Systems can help!
CPS offers business and consumer solutions for VPN technology in any situation. “With this technology, we can provide a safe and secure environment that allows the workforce to continue with normal business operations without being bound to a physical office,” says Kevin Germain, owner of Creative Programs and Systems.
Benefits of working from home with a VPN:
  • It allows you to work within the comfort of your home or designated private location.
  • Total access to your desktop work computer (including all Word and Excel documents, emails, accounting software and other 3rd party software, databases, – everything!)
  • Complete security, privacy, and network stability.
  • Easy and convenient.
Contact CPS for VPN business solutions for your company today.
810-224-5252 |

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