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Jetpack Plugin Creates Security Flaw for WordPress Websites


Website owners and admins are being strongly urged to update to the latest version of Jetpack 7.9.1 for security risks that have been an open vulnerability since the older version of Jetpack 5.1. Some people may be wondering what Jetpack plugin is or what is it used for. It is a widely used WordPress plugin for websites to provide free security with features to optimize a website’s performance, create site backups, and run preventative scans for infections as needed. To read more information about Jetpack and the effects of this vulnerability, more can be read in this article. Although this new information can sound very alarming, many users that were currently using an outdated version of Jetpack have already been automatically updated to the most recent update but it is always important to manually check your website and make sure that this update has been applied to your specific account as well.

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