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January 2020 Newsletter


This month is dedicated to Gelardi Produce Company and their new dynamic, database driven website.



Creative Programs & Systems

January, 2020

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What is a Database Driven Website?


Database driven websites, also known as dynamic websites, are websites that have the ability to change every time a user visits it. The “front-end” of your website (what the user sees) is supported with “back-end” functionality (what the business owner wants to display/update to the user). The product or service information is uploaded and stored in the database and when users “call” for the data via the webpage, it fetches the information directly from the database and generates the webpage in real time, allowing the user to view the latest up to date information. Examples of dynamic, database driven websites are when you review your bank statement online, real estate listings, and e-commerce sites like Amazon.


Gelardi Produce’s New Dynamic Website Includes:


The new, customized online ordering website for Gelardi Produce Company is fresh, clean, and user-friendly. Registered customers can shop online, create custom order guides, and maintain their own personal accounts all in real time within the responsive website. The database holds orders when there is a lack of internet access (as in the case when orders are documented within a freezer of a restaurant, etc.) and can be later uploaded when access is available. The Gelardi back-end admin panel is an extensive, fully integrated database system that categorizes their products along with a customized pricing structure for varying accounts. They can add or remove products, quickly edit pricing based on the ever-changing market values, and duplicate franchised customers order guides. Gelardi admin can also set up customers order guides, track orders, manually or automatically export orders to Quickbooks online, generate automatic emails based on varying factors, and schedule deliveries. Below are some other cool features:




How CPS Created Gelardi Produce’s New Website

CPS launched Gelardi Produce’s new customized ordering website on September 9th 2019 after our RFP was approved in January the same year. Our in-house programming team built their customized website using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. We met with the owners of Gelardi on several occasions to review and consult where we were during the development stages and together, we strategized solutions for a website that met not only their needs but those of the customers they serve. Another very important feature of their database driven website is the scalability of growth; meaning as Gelardi Produce Company grows their software can easily adapt and expand with them.

The team at CPS really enjoyed this project and working with the Gelardi family; giving them a better tool to run their business. Here is what the Gelardi family had to say about us:

“Very understanding and dedicated. CPS and staff are extremely helpful. Always putting themselves in our shoes and understanding our needs. Customer service was off the charts. Always jumped on any issues and recommendations. Would definitely recommend. Great company.” - Joe Gelardi

“Fantastic company! Prompt response, creative ideas, and great to work with. I wish there were more companies like this.” - Tom Gelardi

Contact Creative Programs & Systems to consult and strategize a software system that is customized to meet your businesses needs and that will help your company grow. We are also masters in identifying issues and coding solutions for any current system you are using.



About Gelardi Produce Co.

Gelardi Produce specializes in delivering fresh produce and other premium products to restaurants, schools, and senior centers throughout the Metro Detroit and surrounding areas for 3 generations. They choose products which are grown from high-quality and socially responsible farming companies around the globe with the majority of their fresh produce being field-packed within seconds of harvest to avoid multiple handlings that could damage or contaminate. Their suppliers are regularly audited for food safety practices by the Dept. of Food and Agriculture and Gelardi Produce personally reviews and hand-selects their products to ensure the best quality for customers.

Gelardi maintains fresh produce using cold chain management which regulates safe storage from the time of harvest to the marketplace. Their team routinely monitors and documents the temperature of refrigerated areas and trucks to ensure that the cold chain has been maintained and that the quality of the product remains fresh for market. Gelardi Produce Company is also certified in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is routinely audited by non-government, third party companies to ensure the safest products possible.

Check out their new website and request to be a customer. Find out first-hand the quality of produce and specialty products they offer. Gelardi has many years of experience in providing superior produce, service, and delivery; and they are knowledgeable of your establishment’s needs and look forward to the prospect of showing you what makes them one of Michigan’s most trusted produce companies.

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