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December Newsletter- Email Marketing


Tis the season to spread joy and exciting news, digitally, through email marketing!


Creative Programs & Systems

December, 2019


Why Email Marketing?

The most valuable customers are the ones you already have and acquiring new ones can be expensive. Email marketing is a great retention tool to use if you are looking to stay connected with existing clients and other contacts your company has already acquired. In segmenting your email recipients, you provide relevant news blasts, promotions, and other important information quickly to the 90% of the population who check their email daily. Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to digitally advertise your brand and provides one of the highest returns on investment.

CPS can help you strategize and implement a unique and customized email campaign that integrates with your overall digital marketing plan. Our team of designers, copywriters, developers, marketers, and IT specialists will ensure that your database is configured accurately so your emails land in the inbox, with optimized content that’s responsive and creatively designed. We can also manage your email contacts and set up automated and timed emails with personalized messages that are unique to each recipient.


Tips for Effective Email Marketing


Types of Email Solutions and Services


CPS thoroughly tests all email campaigns prior to submission to ensure successful delivery and that the content is rendered properly in every email inbox and browser.



CPS Does Way More than Email Marketing!

The beginning of a new year spurs the time to reflect and grow. Review and appreciate the good things in life and expand on it. Reflect on areas that need improvement and make a valid effort to perfect it. Successful businesses are only fruitful because of the constant reflection of its managers and owners bestow. If you’ve identified an area needing improvement for your business or just need to consult with a professional to figure out a better way, CPS can help. Our in-house, dedicated team can organize and maintain your entire IT infrastructure through one of our Managed IT plans, or we can help grow your online presence with a unique Digital Marketing strategy, or we can customize that new, responsive website you’ve been holding off on. Been thinking about updating to a customized CRM with email integration that actually meets your needs? We do that too! CPS is honored to partner with you in providing all your business computer needs.


Click Email Marketing to learn more. To stay “top of mind” with your customers – call (810) 224-5252 or contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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