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Coronavirus Strikes Fear Causing New Computer Virus


The Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world and now a new computer virus is dispersing because of it through online circuits. IBM X-Force and Kaspersky have found that hackers are sending spam emails to people under the disguise of information related to Coronavirus in hopes of infecting users' computers and smartphones. The emails are sent with urgent titles to people in Japan, and they think soon to other countries, including the U.S., saying that the country has been taken over by the infection and to click to open and read more. It is common for hackers to use current events with enticing verbiage to get a person to open, download, or click attachments to gain people's private information. Hackers also track the open and click rates inside each email campaign to obtain information on a select group so they can reproduce the scams that perform best for them. Read the article to learn helpful tips that can keep you protected against these attacks.

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