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Google Takes Action Against DO Global But Is It Enough to Protect Users


Is Google doing enough to protect it’s more than 1 billion users against fraud?  Google users have so many resources at their fingertips including free email through Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Search, and of course Google Play.

The Google Play Store is the world’s largest app store thus making it a target for misuse from deceitful developers.  Such issues include adding apps with aggressive authorizations that collect a myriad of private user data without proper user notification.  Thus, the app developer is able to use the information to commit click on ad fraud such as offering a reward for downloading the app when there is actually no reward.  Other side effects of deceitful code can include using unauthorized data and battery drainage. 

More on these activities has come to light with the recent strike Google has placed against app developer DO Global.  Find out more information concerning apps within the Google Play Store that have been found to be committing ad fraud and abuse of permissions at Gizmodo or Buzzfeed News.

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