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Diversity Through Digital Marketing Leads to Online Success


For over a decade now online marketers have placed a huge, almost exclusive, emphasis on SEO.  Search engine optimization has been the key focus for companies looking to improve their website placement on search engines.  Without knowing any better, many companies have put all of their eggs into this one basket and are just now realizing their mistake. 

If ever there was a time to consider your online marketing strategy, it would be TODAY!  Long gone are the days where one size fits all!  YES, SEO is still important but it is no longer the only approach that companies need to look at when building their online presence.  If businesses are to succeed, they can no longer rely on SEO alone and must expand their focus to include an omnichannel approach that includes activities such as Pay-Per-Click, YouTube, and more. 

This article from Google, "How Google's New Layout Predicts the Future of SEO" explains the importance of a diversified approach at building an online profile.  We have all seen changes in search placement throughout the last few years.  Google has updated their algorithms many times and have kept online marketing companies like CPS on their toes.  Seeing these changes gradually taking shape, our team has shifted our approach as well to encompass a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.  No longer is our sole focus on organic placement and SEO services. 

As we move into this new era, our approach is once again changing to keep up with the ways in which people search for information online.  We are dedicated to creating a digital marketing approach that involves the right combination of services for our client’s unique needs.  We are committed to continual research and services that diversify our client's placement online.  Let us help you today!  (810) 224-5252


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